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Used Apple Laptops - Find The Best Used Apple MacBook For The Money 

Buy The Best Used Apple MacBooks

By Roger C.

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As you may already be aware, new Apple laptops are typically more expensive than other laptops on the market, especially the average PC laptop.  

This makes used Apple laptops a fantastic alternative to a brand new Apple laptop, because you may just be able to save a very pretty penny by taking the used route over the new. 

This is especially true if you are strapped for cash. Buying a used Apple MacBook will give you the opportunity to spend the extra cash elsewhere.  Pickup cool laptop accessories, a tank of gas, or even save it for a rainy day, the choice is up to you. 

And while price may be the top reason why you are looking at used laptops, keep reading to find out why price is by no means the only reason to buy a used Apple laptop or a refurbished Apple laptop over a new one.

We're going to take a more in depth look at the top reasons why buying a used or reconditioned Apple laptop over a brand new model is recommended, and we're also going to take a look at the most popular avenues to purchase a quality used Apple laptop.

More Reasons To Buy Used Laptop Computers 

As you see, a used or reconditioned Apple laptop is a great alternative to a more expensive brand new Apple laptop computer.

Used Apple laptops are often a much cheaper alternative to a new Apple Mac laptop, but there are a host of other benefits as well.

Two great reasons to opt for used Mac laptops is availability, and flexible purchasing options. 

There are tons of used Apple laptops out there to choose from, and you will find many great places to purchase one.

Five of our personal favorite destinations to purchase used Apple laptops are Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Craigslist.org, MacofAllTrades.com, and Apple's very own website.  

This gives you a lot of flexibility to find a solution that meets all your needs for a fraction of the price of a new Apple laptop.

Other attractive reasons to buy a used MacBook laptop over a new one is potential extras that may be included with the purchase. With some used models, sellers may bundle in their own software packages that they've purchased to go above and beyond Apple's default software suite, and sellers sometimes bundle a used Mac laptop with accessories or other goodies.  

Of course, when it is all said and done, there is no denying one of the most important reasons to choose a used Apple laptop is to save some cash. 

So to kick you off, here are some steps to help you find the best used laptop deals. 

First Step For Choosing The Perfect Used Mac Laptop

So where do you start out?  We always like to start out by doing a bit of research to find out what exactly is available on the market as far as new Apple laptops is concerned.  

This is one of the best approaches because it lets you know what the current specifications and prices are for new Apple laptops.

Why do we do this?  Well, when you eventually start browsing around for used Apple laptops, you will know exactly what new Apple Mac laptops specifications and prices are to compare to the used models. 

By being armed with this information, you will know whether or not a used Mac model is outdated or overpriced.  This will prevent you from accidentally purchasing a used Apple laptop that isn't necessarily the best deal.

See, sometimes used Macs are going to be more expensive then what they are worth. You may discover during your research that a new model may only be a small increase in price.

In these situations it only makes sense to look for a more cost effective used model or if still within your price range, fork out the extra cash for the new model of course.

Best Places To Buy Used MacBook Laptops

Used Apple Laptops Direct From The Apple Store

apple computer store logoTo find the perfect used Apple laptop we like to browse the Apple store and also perform a Google search to find other sites that sell used and new Apple laptops.  This will give you a big picture view of new and used Apple laptops on the market in the way of price and features.

Proceed to go over Apple laptop configurations and prices offered on the various websites you've found with your Google search and then compare prices and configurations to what is offered on Apple's own Apple store. 

Now you will know exactly what the current prices are for Apple laptops from not just Apple's mother ship but from numerous other sources.

Apple actually has quite a few deals on reconditioned used Apple laptops via their own website so you definitely should check them out. And by going this route you will also be purchasing a laptop that is Apple Certified meaning it is guaranteed to work as intended.  

Another sweet bonus by going in this direction is that all refurbished used Apple laptops include a 1-year warranty.

Find Used Mac Laptops On Amazon

amazon.com logoWe've always been huge fans of Amazon.com and we highly recommend them for all your laptop shopping needs, especially if you're on a quest for a great used Apple laptop deal. 

What's great about Amazon is that their marketplace selling strategy means there are a ton of partner websites that work through Amazon to get their piece of the Amazon cake.

So with a quick search on Amazon you will find tons of used Apple laptops for sale from companies across the planet all in one convenient place. 

Amazon has a gigantic inventory of laptops and you will find a ton of used Apple laptops in fact so we recommend you check them out. 

Even with Amazon, remember to read all the details regarding your purchase for after all you are looking at used products.  With any used product, especially a laptop keep an eye out for any specific details regarding your purchase.  This could be details such as missing keys, bad pixels, does it include a warranty, etc.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase don't hesitate to contact the seller for they should answer all your questions.  If they don't then well I'd be a bit skeptical about your purchase.

We've never ran into this problem before but I guess it could happen.  See Amazon shows user feedback regarding the seller so if you see a seller in the 90+ percentile with positive feedback then the sale will normally be a smooth purchase which has always been the case with our purchases.

Used Mac Laptops On MacOfAllTrades

macofalltrades logoMacOfAllTrades.com is a unique place to find a gigantic inventory of used Apple laptops.  In our experience they have been a great source of used Mac laptops.

They've been in the business of selling and buying Apple computers since 1995 and what makes them unique is their friendly community approach to buying and selling Apple products. 

They are members of the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program and they are a SSL Volusion Secure site.  They have also been Macworld Magazine advertisers since their inception.

MacOfAllTrades makes it easy for Apple buyers and sellers to get started by offering a simple to navigate website.  On the top you simply click on Buyers or Sellers to get started.

They even have a great FAQ section too if you have questions, and if needed you can always call their support line or even email them with questions. 

If you are looking for a great deal on a used Apple laptop definitely check them out on your searching adventures.  

Find Used Mac Laptops On eBay

ebay logo laptopseBay can be a great one stop shop for used laptop computers.  There are a ton of private sellers and companies that sell laptops on eBay. You will find a ton of Apple laptops including used ones so checking out eBay on your used laptop quest is definitely worth your time.

Typically if you buy a used or refurbished Apple laptop from eBay we recommend you read every detail of the product description and terms and conditions.  This way you don't overlook what we like to call hidden details.  

Say it has a missing key or a non-functioning component such as a CD-Drive.  Sometimes sales pages can be packed with text and graphics to showcase the product and it is very possible to overlook important details.  So read carefully, especially with private sellers products.

For example by reading every detail carefully you will be able to catch small print detailing something important. This is actually fairly common with products we've found from private sellers on eBay for after all the products are sold in used condition.  By going the eBay route just remember to read every detail, especially from private sellers. 

In most cases private sellers and companies selling used laptops will make it very clear about each and every detail, but sometimes sellers will not make it as clear.  We even feel some sellers intentionally put important details in fine print and we have seen some sloppy eBay posts before.

For example we've found used laptops including used Apple Macs with fine print details that included missing keys, dead pixels, or minor case cracks even. If we didn't comb the post with a fine toothed comb and only scanned we may have missed some of the details which in most cases were very important details to us.

If you do locate on eBay a great deal on a used or refurbished Apple laptop that looks to fit your needs, proceed to browse the Internet to find out whether you can locate a similar used Apple laptop.  Take special note of features, prices, and warranty options, etc. and compare and contrast everything between sites. This will insure you find the best price on the Internet. 

With eBay we also always recommend you get in touch with the seller via email to ask them additional questions, especially if anything is unclear in their post.  The same goes for Craigslist or any other source in fact.  It never hurts to be well informed, right?   

Also, if you're ordering any product from Ebay, especially an expensive product such as a used or refurbished Apple laptop always make sure the private seller or business is reputable with no less than exceptional user feedback.  Always read up on the seller and look for any sketchy details. 

In the end remember when shopping for a used Apple Mac on eBay to keep your eyes open for product details with the intention to spot any fine print details such as missing keys, dead pixels, etc.

Finding Used Apple Laptops On Craigslist

craigslist log find used apple laptopsCraigslist is another great place to find used Apple laptops.  In fact, you can find a ton of used Apple products including iPods, iPads, iPhones, Mac desktops, and just about everything.

What we like about Craigslist is that the majority of your purchases will be local purchases.  This is great news for you can see and test the product in person.

So if you find a good deal through Craigslist always meet in person to take a look at and test the product first.  Important - Make sure you meet in a crowded public location and leave your cash in the bank. This is very important for in today's world there are a lot of scams and criminals. 

Don't let this deter you from Craigslist of course, for there may be an awesome deal that you just don't want to let go.  Just taking precautions is putting your smart shopping cap on for you just never know these days.

What we like to do is arrange a meeting with the seller in a crowded public location to take a look at and test the computer. Once we are satisfied that we are getting what we are about to pay for, it is then that we like to take the seller to our Bank to withdraw the funds.

Craigslist is a great place for there are a ton of deals, sometimes people buy something to only realize the product isn't everything they thought it would be and so they sell it after only a short period. This is especially true for laptops including Apple laptops. 

However finding a used Mac laptop is not quite as easy with PC's, but you still can find a fair share of used Apple laptops on Craigslist.  See many Mac buyers are loyal customers and so you are less likely to see used Mac laptops.

The number of used Mac laptops also really depend on your area for larger metropolitan areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area will obviously have more sellers than say a small town in Arkansas. 

Nevertheless check Craigslist out for you may just find a barely used Apple laptop for an unbeatable price.

Final Thoughts And Advice On Used Apple Laptops

While we haven't touched base on every detail regarding used and refurbished Apple laptops, the information we provided here is definitely a solid starting point.  Remember folks just do a lot of research and read all details for any used or refurbished product.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us for we'd love you help you out.

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