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acer colored ultra small laptopsUltra Small Laptops

By Colleen C.

You can purchase laptops in a dizzying array of sizes, shapes, and colors, from the largest all the way down to ultra small laptops. These models are generally referred to as netbooks, but they are the same basic design as full-size laptops, on a smaller scale.

Every size of course also has its own pros and cons. The laptops that are the smallest are obviously the most portable, and they look cool, but their keyboards are also smaller, and so are their displays. They usually have slower processors and fewer features. But the large laptops are not as easy to take along when you travel or commute, and they take up a lot more space in your briefcase and on your desk.

No one has made the perfect laptop yet, although some manufacturers have come pretty close. You need to consider what is more important to you, whether that is portability, battery life, storage, low prices or performance.

Ultra small laptops are the most small and lightweight of models, and they are sometimes called ultra-portables. They have a compact form that is important to people who want their computer with them at all times. This includes business people who travel frequently, and college students who need a laptop for their classes.

You will gain in portability with a smaller laptop, to be sure, but you may find that the performance is weaker, there are fewer features, and the keyboards can be prohibitively small. But if you find a model that still works for you, there isn't any easier way to take your work - or games - with you. 

Lightweight and thin laptops give you a better combination of cost, features, performance and portability. They have more power than the ultra small laptops do, and their keyboard will probably be easier for you to use. They have a hard drive of larger proportions, a larger display and an optical drive that's built-in. These computers are pricier than the larger, heavier laptops, but you pay for the convenience of being able to take them with you more easily.

asus ultra small laptops

The smallest laptops are usually affordable, and they are lightweight, of course. They have truly hit their stride, led by the ASUS Eee PC. These little laptops sell like hotcakes, and now they have been followed by miniature models made by almost all laptop manufacturers. ASUS has expanded their model selection to versions with larger screens, but of course the price tags are higher, too.

The newer models of ultra small laptops have more features than the earliest models did, but the prices generally go up when you add more features. This left out the budget buyers, and these were the original purchasers of ultra-portable laptops. Some companies like Acer have stayed with the original game plan, and didn't follow their original smaller laptops with larger and pricier models. They went with the successful spirit of the first ASUS Eee PC, and the prices are still comparatively low.

The smallest reasonably-priced laptops will not probably ever rival the features and power of Sony VAIO or any other higher-end ultra-portables. They do give you plenty of power for light office work, email and web-surfing. The smallest screens, from 7" to 8.9", usually have a backlit display and Intel graphics. Their displays are quite easy to read, even though they are smaller, and they are bright enough to be easily seen when you're working in a darker area, like an airplane cabin on a long trip.

Some of the ultra small laptops have larger hard drives, which are quite handy, and you can use external flash drives and storage drives to keep the bulk of your work on. SD cards are handy for use with smaller laptops, so that you can access everything easily. The models that are not quite the smallest use larger hard drives that increase your computing speed.

Many of the smallest laptops are available in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find one that suits your style. If the laptop you like the best doesn't come in a color you like, you can buy covers and even custom skins, with whatever design or color you want on them. The glossy finish is attractive, and some have more of a real laptop feel to them. These compare favorably to the original ASUS Eee models, and the keyboards may be larger on some models, which makes them easier to use for people who are more accustomed to desktop PC's.

ultra small sony pink laptops

The keyboards on ultra small laptops usually have arrow keys and the function keys that you're accustomed to seeing, just in a smaller size. You'll find that the trackpads are easy to become accustomed to, unless you have never used a laptop before.

You can buy cordless mini mice and full size mice for laptops, but when you are working with the laptop, you'll probably find the trackpad easier to use, just because that's what you have probably always used.

There are no small laptops that are quite as classy as the HP Mini-Note, but the Acer Aspire comes very close. It is attractive, and built solidly. The plastic used is fairly rigid, and they pack a lot into a small and attractive package. It supports SDHC cards, so you won't have a storage problem. With the best small laptops, you can do almost the same tasks you can on a full-size laptop, although they don't have the horsepower that will be able to accommodate high end gaming or 3D modeling.

It's difficult to benchmark the various models of ultra small laptops, since their design is not as standard. They are designed for lighter performance use, so the numbers aren't very favorable when you compare them to full size laptops. Acers use Atom processors, which give good speed for routine email and web-surfing or word processing. Even compared to the ultimate Sony VAIO, the small Acer Aspire is able to nearly hold its own.

In short, if you want a laptop that's easy to carry along wherever you go, for surfing the web or answering emails, the smaller laptops and netbooks are among the best choices. You can take them anywhere, so you're always connected to the things that are most important to you.

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