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Sony Colored Laptops

Why Sony colored laptops are a stylish gift idea for a college student!

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Sony Colored Laptops

By Mark B.

Sony laptops rank among some of the best colored laptops on the market, offering superb styling and a slew of high-end features. 

Sony VAIO laptops offer the perfect balance of innovation, style, and pure functionality.
Sony VAIO laptops can be purchased in numerous fun shades of color including but not limited to: black, white, purple, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and pink.  All colors in Sony's palette offer a unique blend and shade, making Sony colored laptops stand out over much of the competition.
The sheer number of colors Sony offers in their VAIO laptop series pretty much guarantees that the perfect color is out there for all but the most picky color gadget enthusiasts.  Sony does emphasis style with the VAIO series, and well they definitely don't disappoint.

Many women will adore the purple, red, and pink shades offered by Sony. Pink Sony colored laptops are among some of the fanciest pink laptops on the planet. 

Hibiscus Pink and other pink shades offered by Sony project the perfect balance of elegance and eye-popping appeal. 

Purple Sony laptops including Passion Purple are a purple lover's dream laptop, and Sony's red laptops don't disappoint one iota.

One of Sony's many popular black colored laptops offer a sleek look that men will love, and Sony offers more than one cool shade of black too, so men will have plenty of options to choose from.  Black Sony laptops can be purchased in cool color shades including Arabesque Black, Lava Black, Bolt Black, and a very cool Gunmetal Black among others.

Sony's blue and white colored laptops are the ideal color for both men and women.  Sony VAIO blue colored laptops offer that near perfect shade of blue.  It isn't the over the top type of blue, but one in our opinion that speaks pure style, especially when you compare it to many competing blue laptops on the market.

Sony laptop color selection overall is top notch, so if you're seeking a quality built, stylish colored laptop computer, we highly recommend you check out what Sony has to offer.

Sony Colored Laptops - Limited Edition Signature Collection

pink sony colored laptops
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Now if Sony's standard color palette isn't enough for your liking, Sony even offers a limited lineup of neon colored laptops. 

Neon Sony colored laptops are as striking as they come.  If your goal is to stand out among other coffee shop patrons, your fellow college students, or your social circle of friends and family, a neon Sony colored laptop will be a fantastic way to make a real style statement.

Sony also goes a step beyond many laptop manufacturers by offering numerous textured colored laptops.  Apparently Sony's designers weren't satisfied with their already outstanding assortment of colored laptops. 

Sony's textured colored laptops offer stylish custom designs with a unique textured look and feel. 

All limited-production signature collection Sony laptops not only feature unique colors and textures, but top notch specifications and outstanding performance. 

Sony engineers have gracefully blended fashion with superior computing performance.  We must say we are impressed with Sony's signature collection fit and finish.

And if Sony's stock fit and finish or signature collection VAIO laptops still aren't enough to satisfy your taste for style, you can always up your laptops design and style by mixing and matching a wide variety of Sony colored laptop add-ons. 

If you want a truly custom look and feel, try pairing your new Sonly colored laptop with a fancy colorful keyboard skin.

Sony Colored Laptops - Beyond The Surface

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Sony laptops are not only some of the most stylish laptops in the industry, but they are also among the most feature rich.  Sony colored laptops come with top notch specifications and the latest leading edge technologies.
Sony colored laptops are a very flexible buy for anyone who is looking for a stylish laptop that won't disappoint in the performance department.  VAIO laptops are also as feature rich as they come, often rivaling other manufacturers in features and innovations.

Like other laptop manufactures, Sony offers multiple screen sizes to satisfy your mobile needs.  You can purchase ultra portable VAIO laptops from 8 to 12-inches, on up to a powerhouse desktop replacement with a gorgeous 17-inch high-definition screen if desired.

Sony laptops offer the latest Intel and AMD processors, high-speed memory technologies, high-end graphics cards from either ATI or NVIDIA, ultrafast hard drives, and the latest (Wi-Fi) wireless networking standards among other great features.

Many Sony colored laptops include Blu-Ray optical drives so you can watch your favorite HD movies, and Bluetooth wireless technology is available on most models as well so you can easily connect popular wireless peripherals and gadgets to your laptop. 

blue sony colored laptops
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And being that Sony has been a pioneer with Blu-Ray technology for some time, Sony VAIO colored laptops also come standard with an HDMI output port.

With HDMI connectivity you can watch your favorite HD movies wherever you take your laptop on just about any HDTV big screen. Plug your laptop into your HDTV, fire up your favorite Blu-Ray movie, enjoy!

Some Sony VAIO colored laptops also come with other cool technologies that make your digital lifestyle even easier. 

Some come equipped with Intel's Wireless Display Technology, a nifty technology that allows you to wirelessly stream your digital content to a compatible HDTV. 

With Intel's Wireless Display Technology you can seamlessly view your digital media directly from your laptops hard drive, home network or the Internet on your HDTV.  If you happen to have an Intel Wireless Display technology equipped HDTV already, this makes a Sony VAIO an even better deal since you can begin using the technology right out of the box.

Another cool feature offered on many Sony colored laptops is Sony's Remote Play.  If you can't fit your digital content on your PC and you happen to own a Playstation game console, this feature is fantastic addition to an already stacked lineup of features offered with the VAIO. With it you can easily use you're your VAIO to connect to your Playstation to access your favorite photos, videos, and music from anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection. 

Overall, Sony colored laptops are without a doubt a fantastic option if you're looking for a stylish laptop, stacked with innovating features and the latest cool mobile technologies.  We highly recommend Sony if you're in the market for a great colored laptop!

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