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Red Laptop Computers

Popular red laptop computers from Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, and Sony.

cool exper red laptop computersRed Laptop Computers

If you want your laptop to stand out in a crowd,  buying one in the color red is going to be one of the best laptop color options for you.

And whether you're searching for a red laptop for personal or business use, you are going to find a slew of models to chose from, so selecting the perfect red laptop is actually going to be very easy.

Starting with Samsung, their R530 is one of the more popular red laptop computers on the market today. The R530 offers a quick Intel processor, 4GB RAM, a large hard drive, and a large 16:9 Widescreen LCD display among other features. The Samsung R530 is also very affordable, despite offering a fairly well rounded feature set.

The R530 laptop will not only give you adequate performance, but it offers a solid build quality so you can show off the stylish red finish wherever you go. The quality standards are high, and the craftsmanship of this laptop is second to none. You'll enjoy showing off the bright red finish whether you're at work or school.

Samsung uses a durable casing to protect against your everyday knocks and bumps, and the finish is scratch resistant as well. If you enjoy watching HD videos and movies on the go, you'll love the enhanced visual LED display. It even has a numeric keypad with 17 keys, the same as you use on a desktop keyboard, for easier usability. You can add a red laptop sleeve to protect it even further against scratches and finger marks. 

Popular Gateway & Toshiba Red Laptop Computers

Toshiba Red Laptops 

toshiba satellite red laptop computers

Another favorite among red laptop computers is the Toshiba Satellite L655, Satellite U505, Satellite T235, Toshiba Qosmio X505 series, and the Toshiba Mini NB305 series.

All Toshiba red laptops offer industry standard components, and great build quality.

If you take a closer look at the Toshiba Satellite L655D, you will find that it includes up to a Phenom II Quad-Core processor that is well suited for day to day home applications and multimedia, and it has a 15.6" display with a 1366 x 768 pixel screen resolution that offers you a clear and easy viewing experience. 

The finish on this model is called helio red, and it's bright and colorful. This laptop is well-suited for everyday computing and basic entertainment, alike. It'll give you a great HD experience with all the essentials, and its widescreen and Dolby Advanced Audio will not disappoint you. The price of the Toshiba is reasonable too, and you can order a custom red wireless laptop mouse to make computing easier.

Gateway Red Laptops

gateway red laptop computersWhen you shop for red laptop computers, you'll find  Gateway sells their well rounded NV53A series laptops in what they call Cashmere Red, and it's a very attractive red color at that. NV53A models sell with AMD Athlon II, Turion II, or Phenom II triple core processors. 4GB of RAM is the starting memory configuration, and they run on Windows 7 Home Premium. 

Gateway also sells the NV55C Series latops in their Cashmere Red color too.  NV55C laptops run either Intel Pentium P6100, or Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processors.  The starting memory configuration for the NV55C is also 4GB, and NV55C laptops come with Windows 7 Home Premium too. 

And if you want the ultimate in a full featured multimedia red laptop computer, you may want to chck out Gateway's NV59C Series for they even have Blu-ray drives as an available option. 

So whether you use it at work, home, or on the go, you'll enjoy great multimedia performance from Gateway laptops. They're equipped with cinema-quality, and powerful entertainment features packed in stylish and sleek designs. You can take your music and movies with you anywhere. You'll also enjoy the second glances that the bright red casing grabs from onlookers, and if you pair your Gateway red laptop with a red laptop bag you'll achieve safe computing with style.

Feature Rich Acer & Dell Red Laptops - Bold On Style

Dell Red Laptops

dell xps red laptop computersDell also makes a slew of new and old red laptop computers.  And while the Dell XPS M1530 is a slightly older model, the Dell XPS M1530 (PRODUCT) RED is one of the many items available whose sales benefit AIDS, TB and malaria research. (PRODUCT) RED is on everything from t-shirts to iPods, and you'll love this color on a laptop. The M1530 has a Core 2 Duo processor and a 15.4" screen, with 2 GB of RAM as a starting confiuration. 

Functionality, design and performance are perfectly blended in the M1530, and it gives you a beautiful design and plenty of attention to detail. In the field of red laptop computers, you'll find Dell's contributions to be rich in features as well as colors. The M1530 is a powerful laptop that will surely make an impression, whether you're at work, school, or on the go.  

The hinge on this model is boldly styled, and the polished chrome details only make the red appear more brilliant. The slim profile makes this laptop a stunning success in design. It's made from selected materials that give it a lighter weight with sturdy durability, and you can pair it with a red sleeve or laptop bag for even more protection.

And if you want to save some cash, when we last checked there were a fair share of refurbished XPS M1530s available at fantastic prices.

dell inspiron red laptops

The Dell Inspiron 15R notebook/laptop has a design that's easy to look at, and a red color that can't be ignored. 

The size lets you take it anywhere without having it in your way, and the palm rest is smudge-proof and brushed metal in appearance. The numeric keypad has 10-digit design for easier data entry.

The Inspiron 15R can capture your life as you live it, and if red laptop computers are on your shopping list, it's a great value, too. It features a 7-in-1 card reader for media, and the DellSafe backup service protects all your files online, backing them up to a remote site, so that they can be easily retrieved after any hardware, software or other failure. 

Acer Red Laptops

acer red laptopsThe Acer Aspire AS5336 laptop PC is one of the leading sellers among red laptop computers. Acer models are usually very sensibly priced, and they give you a lot for your money. This Acer has an Intel Celeron Processor and runs Windows 7. 

You'll enjoy the digital media playback, after you've spent some productive time, if you're a multi-tasker, and the red color only makes this laptop more fun to carry and use. 

The Aspire has a large HD screen, an Intel Celeron Processor and HDMI ports. Whether you're working or playing, this model can handle the load. Keep up with your friends on the social networks, and get your work done more quickly. 

Super Trendy Sony Red Laptop Computers

Sony Red Laptops 

cool sony vaio red laptops

In the large field of red laptop computers, the Sony Vaio stands out not just for its color, but for its style and symmetry, as well. 

The Y series laptop is powerful and still very portable, and weighs less than four pounds with a standard battery. It gives you up to seven hours on a single charge, for true power on the go. The magnesium casing is quite durable, and especially designed for workers or gamers on the go.  

sony vaio red laptopsRed is possibly the color that stands out the most, so you'll want to check out all the various accessories that can add to the look of red laptop computers. A red wireless mouse is very cute, especially if it's sized for a laptop, rather than full size. You can buy a red mouse pad for your wireless laptop mouse, too. 

Red keyboards are flashy, if you prefer to use a full-sized keyboard. Be sure to keep your red laptop looking its best by covering it with a red sleeve and then carrying it in a red laptop bag. You'll be color-coordinated and truly stand out in a crowd, when you're on the go and in the red.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at red laptop computers.  Below you will find our hand picked shopping recomendations and showcase of popular laptop models including purple laptops, pink laptops, red laptops, green laptops, and other colored laptops.

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