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Purple Laptops

A brief look at popular purple laptops, netbooks, and notebooks.

sony purple laptopsPurple Laptop Computers

There aren't many laptop computers that describe their owners as well as purple laptops. They are made in variations of purple by more than a few laptop manufacturers, and they can truly help you to express yourself. 

Unlike the pink coloring, which tends to look feminine unless it's very bright, purple is more suitable for men, women and young teens alike.

The Acer Aspire One in Amethyst Purple is one of the favorites of casual laptop users. The size of this puts it somewhat into the netbook category, but it still boasts enough memory that you can use even your applications that tend to eat up memory. There's enough room for your videos, music and photos, with space to spare.

The Acer Aspire looks great with a purple neoprene sleeve to protect it while you're not using it, and when you do use it, you'll enjoy using the 802.11 wireless, that makes it easy to connect to a broadband modem, to surf the Internet. The 10.1 inch diagonal LED backlit CrystalBrite widescreen display has a full 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, and the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator makes it a natural for gamers and workaholics alike.

Popular Purple Laptops & Netbooks

dell purple laptops

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10's are purple laptops that are very popular models, for work or play. It allows you to easily access your favorite entertainment modes, and you can stay connected to email and the Internet even when you're on the go. You can store photos, music and more, and take them along wherever you go. The 1GB of memory is plenty for most users, and the 92% keyboard is comfortable to use, once you get used to it. Alternatively, you can buy a purple keyboard to use with this laptop. 

The Mini 10 from Dell has a multi-touch track pad, and it's even resistant to spills. You can buy a colorful purple wireless mouse if you'd prefer that to the track pad. This model also has a long battery life, so you don't need to drag a heavy laptop wherever you go, just to get a long run time on your battery. Even with the extended-life battery, it's still light enough in weight to take with you. 

dell inspiron purple laptopsThe Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop comes in a bright shade of purple that's sure to show off your style wherever you go. It isn't just a pretty face, though - it has an Intel Dual Core processor and it comes with the Windows 7 operating system. The purple hardware stands out, and the processor is very fast, for easy computing. The crisp, clear picture on the 15.6" screen will show off your pictures or graphics well. You can chat with friends and take pictures with a webcam built in. Connect with friends all over the world, since Skype VoIP software is also installed. 

The Inspiron 1545 is one of the purple laptops that works as good as it looks, with 2.3GHz processor and 3 gigs of memory, which is plenty for most people today. It also has a CD and DVD burner, so that you can create and play your own CD's and DVD's. The 10/100 802.11 Ethernet will keep you connected wherever you go, when you connect with a WiFi network, hotspot or broadband modem. The six cell battery gives you plenty of life, and you'll surely use the Microsoft Home Office 2007 and the McAfee Security thirty day trial.

Tiny Purple Laptops - Big On Style

toshiba purple laptops

Meet the Toshiba 14.0 Satellite laptop in rich purple, and you'll want to take it home - and everywhere else - with you. It offers you an AMD Athlon processor and it comes with Windows 7 Home premium. The widescreen display is stunning, and it will allow you to enjoy games and videos more. With its large hard drive and memory, this is one of the few purple laptops that can really multi-task, whether you're studying for a test or trying to balance your family budget. 

The Toshiba 14.0 laptop has 3GB of memory, which gives you lots of room not only for photos and music, but for videos, too. It even has room for basic gaming and video conferencing. You can use a clever purple wireless mouse with this laptop, in case the touch pad is difficult for you to get used to, and you can even add a purple keyboard that will really make your computer stand out. This model will store over 160,000 photos, over 70,000 songs or over 130 hours of High Def videos. 

You can connect with WiFi hotspot or signal, using the Toshiba 10/100 Ethernet LAN, or use a broadband modem. This will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family while you're on the go, if you want to email rather than calling or texting. Slip this laptop into a purple sleeve or laptop bag to protect it, and take it wherever you go.

sony vaio purple laptopsSony also makes fantastic purple laptops, and they have a fair share of purple models to choose from in their VAIO line.  

The 14-inch Sony VAIO EA Series offer a hot shade called passion purple, and to match elegant style the VAIO EA Series comes packed with the latest hardware and software including Intel i5 processors and Microsofts latest Windows 7 operating system. The EA Series also offer admirable batter life at around 3.5 hours, the series is fairly light at around 5.2 lbs, and EA VAIO's also offer storage up to a whopping 640GB.  

15-inch Sony VAIO EB series also come in Sony's passion purple.  The EB is essentially an EA with a larger screen.  Like the EA series the EB line also comes packed with the same hardware and software.  

Trendy Purple Laptops - Express Your Style

purple laptop with polka dot skin

Purple is a color that always makes a statement about how bright and daring you are, and adding purple accessories to purple laptops makes them bright and cheerful, even if you're doing your homework, or a boring business project.

You can purchase purple mice, keyboards, sleeves and laptop bags in various shades of purple. Once you have your purple laptop, you'll probably want to keep the shades similar, so that the overall effect is more pleasing. You may, then, want to shop for these accessories in person, or from an online store that has good, clear photos, so you can make sure the peripherals will match your laptop.

A lot of people are buying skins for their laptops now. It wasn't done very often, even a short time ago, but now you can even design custom skins with your choice of photos, or select from nearly endless lists of pictures that can be made into skins for purple laptops. You won't want to hide the beautiful color, but you can use a skin that adds to the effect of the color. Select all your laptop accessories to complement your laptop, and you'll be sure to get second looks wherever you go, whether you're at school, an Internet caf or a coffee house.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at purple laptops.  Below you will find our hand picked shopping recomendations and showcase of popular laptop models including purple laptops, pink laptops, red laptops, green laptops, and other colored laptops.

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