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A brief look at popular purple laptop computers by Dell, Coby, Acer, Sony & Asus.

coby purple laptop computerPurple Laptop Computers

Nothing stands out like a purple laptop computer, and you'll find that more and more manufacturers are making this popular color available.

The Coby purple laptop netbook has a colorful finish, with a 10 inch screen. For such a small computer, it has impressive storage. You can store up to 84 hours of HD video and more on this little gem. 

You can use the Coby to connect to the internet with a broadband router or modem, and the LCD widescreen display is easy to see clearly. The graphics are handled well by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, and the Coby has a webcam and microphone built-in. 

The Dell Inspiron purple laptop computer has a dual core memory that will let you stay connected no matter where you roam. The 17.3 inch screen gives you exceptional brightness and clarity, and the six-cell battery gives you long life. It's not as portable as some laptops, since it weighs almost seven pounds, but it's not difficult to become accustomed to, unless you've been carrying a netbook. 

Trendy Purple Laptop Computers

dell inspiron purple laptop computer

Dell's Inspiron gives you great resolution and it has a DVD drive that can also be used to burn CD and DVD media. The processor is plenty speedy for multi-tasking.

It's easy to use out of the box, and you'll be up and sharing your music, videos and photos in no time. The purple color of this laptop really makes it stand out. 

acer aspire one purple flake netbook sold at walmartThe Acer purple flake netbook laptop is another popular selection for people who want vivid colors on their laptop without wanting a larger unit. Like the Coby, it can easily take you online with a router or modem, or at any hotspot or WiFi location. The LED display has the Crystal-Brite system, and the webcam and microphone are handy extras. 

If you want a laptop in a higher class, step up to the Sony Vaio 14" purple laptop computer. It's a nice size, and the interior has purple keyboard skins and palm rests. You can watch HD movies or edit photos, and it comes ready to handle your daily tasks, right out of the box.  You can enjoy online music, photos and videos, or nearly anything you want to see. You can hook the Sony Vaio up to your HDTV, too.

asus eee pc purple laptop computer netbookMobility and natural beauty have evolved, in the ASUS Eee purple laptop computer, with its handy 10.1 inch screen. It has a newer Intel Atom processor, giving you up to nine hours of freedom, unplugged. The keyboard is easy to use, but you can purchase a purple full-sized keyboard if that is more comfortable for you. The multi-touch trackpad is easy to get used to.

This little netbook will also give you excellent performance for working with documents or surfing the Internet. The purple seashells draw their inspiration from actual shells, and it has a finish that resists fingerprints. The palm rest is quite comfortable and you can easily connect to the Internet at WiFi locations or hotspots.

Mini Purple Laptops - Huge On Style

dell mini purple laptop computer netbook

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10v comes in many colors, but the sharpest looking may just be the purple laptop computer models. They also call this laptop the "jack of all trades", putting style aside it's also handy for many different types of computing chores.

You'll be happy to call it your laptop companion, and each is as portable as it is versatile. This model has excellent entertainment and wireless features, with easy access to whatever you need or want to do. The bright, widescreen 10.1 inch display presents websites so that you don't have to scroll to the left and the right all the time, which is quite welcome.

The Mini 10v makes it easier for you to stay connected to your friends and family, no matter where you are. The WiFi connection gives you wireless connectivity, and it also has Bluetooth capability. The design allows for very light weight, and allows you to travel light and still be able to keep up with everyone. The 160GB optional large hard drive lets you keep files in the laptop or online. Box.net5 gives you 2GB of Internet storage for free with the purchase of this model. You'll enjoy outfitting this computer with a purple wireless mouse and pad, and perhaps a purple keyboard, to make it even more a purple laptop computer.

When you're looking for that notebook that is "you", you'll be drawn to a purple laptop computer or another laptop with exceptional design and looks, as well as the tech specs that you need. No one buys a laptop just for color, but, all other things being equal, the colorful ones will stay in your mind.

Functionally Trendy Purple Laptops 

cool skull rose purple laptop skin

Finding a laptop that is appealing stylistically is great, but finding a functional one is another story.

Weight and performance are two highly important aspects of laptops that you need to be looking at. If you're going to be taking the laptop with you to work or for school, you will want one that is light in weight and with good battery life. You'll also want to purchase a laptop with a speedy processor, so you can get through your work more quickly, or even tackle the occassional game. 

If you're into gaming, you'll also want to take note of the graphics unit of the laptop models you're looking at. You'll want graphic memory that is separate from the basic memory, if you want to use the laptop for heavy gaming. 

The display of your potential new laptop is important, too. Most companies that make a purple laptop computer have one that is at least 10 inches diagonally. Anything smaller makes it hard to work with if you are doing anything in-depth. 14-17 inches are good sizes if you'll be doing work that requires close reading, or gaming that demands succinct graphics display.

Of course if you want to be more mobile, you can sacrifice a bit on the size, and perhaps go with a 12 or 13 inch screen. These will give you fairly easily seen screens without as much weight to carry with you. 

Whatever computer you decide to purchase, you'll want colored skins or keyboard, wireless mice and sleeves, to protect your investment. Find a purple laptop computer that has all the features you want, and then you can finish customizing it the way you want it.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at purple laptop computers.  Below you will find popular shopping deals on not only purple laptops, but pink laptops, red laptops, green laptops, and other colored laptops too.

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