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pink toshiba laptopsPink Toshiba Laptops

By Colleen C.

Toshiba laptops are among the more popular for computer buyers today. They have an excellent combination of video and audio quality, and their graphics are fast. Some of the models do have a shorter-than-usual battery life, but otherwise, laptops made by Toshiba are solid in their performance.

You might compare pink Toshiba laptops to cars made by Volvo - they are very sturdy, and their features are attractive, but the style isn't always the best. The mid-range of Toshiba laptops will blend together a bit when you look at their design. But the laptops on the higher end are the models that Toshiba makes best, and they offer high-quality video and audio along with good specifications as far as hardware is concerned. The higher priced Toshiba laptops can also double as game centers or portable home theaters, and they have competitive specifications.

The higher-priced Toshiba laptops have upscaling DVD players, speedy graphics and built in speakers that work very well. They don't include a Blu-ray player or an Intel Wireless Display, which is available on some models in this price range.

The Satellite models of pink Toshiba laptops have a design template that is at least somewhat new. On the keyboard deck and outer lid, there is a raised texture on the plastic that gives it a bit of a glossy look, while it keeps fingerprints at bay. This patterned texture feels good under your palm, and the palm rest is raised, and is also more comfortable than on some other models.

The raised keyboard is a Chiclet-style, which is reminiscent of Apple laptops, so that's a positive point. It feels comfortable when you type, and it's backlit, for easy use in low light. The keys may seem a bit small, but if you are accustomed to using laptops, that isn't very noticeable.  

The touch pad on newer Toshiba models feels comfortable and has good sensitivity under your fingers, and the size of the touchpad works well for most people. You can get pink Toshiba laptops in various screen sizes, including 14 inches, which is probably the most popular. The display isn't particularly outstanding, but the colors are true, and the graphics are easily visible and have a good "pop" to them, which is nice. The viewing angles are better than most average-sized laptops, too, making their screen very workable.

pink toshiba laptop

Some of the Toshiba laptop models have Harman Kardon speakers, that have a rich, stereo tone that is excellent for music. Reviewers have stated that these speakers are among the better speakers they have listened to, on mid-range laptops. The surround sound works, and the audio package altogether is a plus.

You will find a special bonus feature for travelers on the Toshiba laptops. Toshiba Sleep and Music is a portable speaker system that you can activate and use for your iPod or other music player. This is a very clever feature that allows you to get the most out of these impressive speakers.

The mid-range pink Toshiba laptops don't have Blue-ray drives, but there is a DVD burner on the front of the laptop. The Toshiba DVD software is of a high quality, that makes your DVD's look better than they will on many other laptops.

The Toshiba webcam gives you a crisp video resolution, although it shows the background as a bit darker than it actually is. These laptops have enough ports to plug in all of your peripherals, and there is an included Bluetooth on higher-priced models, too. You'll also find an eSATA USB port and an ExpressCard slot. You can automatically recharge these laptops while they are asleep or turned off, as well.

At the beginning of this year, reviewers had a pleasant surprise with the Toshiba Satellite laptops. The iCore processor is speedy, and they have solid specifications that make for a good overall value for buyers.

The newer models have a WiMax antenna and Nvidia graphics, for a slightly higher price. The graphics are much improved over some of Toshiba's older models, where that was an issue. They will allow you to do your gaming with good speeds and graphics. The mid-range laptops are solid values, and they have good specifications.

The newer pink Toshiba laptops have some of the same aspects as their older cousins. The Fusion Finish on the newer models and a rounded edge help the laptops to look thin, but some of the curves and glossy plastic pieces make it look cheaper than it really is. A pink skin or cover is very handy in disguising these models so that they look more like what you paid for them.

pink toshiba laptops

Some of the Toshiba models that have been reviewed have flat keyboards, and some have keyboards that are raised. Backlit keyboards are much easier to use, too. You won't have issues with the keyboards, if the reviewers' comments are to be followed. The touchpad is a bit smaller on some of Toshiba's laptops, which may make navigation a bit awkward.

The screens on most of Toshiba laptops are 14 inches, although they are available in larger and smaller sizes. The backlighting is reasonably bright, and the screen looks great when you play DVD's. The color and vibrancy did not make an impact on reviewers, who said that they did not make Toshiba laptops stand out from other brands, in that respect.

Some of the lower-priced pink Toshiba laptops, as well as those in other colors, have fewer features than those models that are higher priced, and this includes Bluetooth. Most of their laptops have a generous amount of RAM - most have 4GB that can be expanded to 8GB. Reviewers found the hard drive to be more than generous for most computer users. The WiMax antenna is new to some models, even though WiMi is not available in all United States markets, yet.

The processor on the mid-range Toshiba laptops is a step up from the one found in older models. The speeds are better, and the loading and playback of their streaming videos was quick. The Nvidia graphics are the crowning touch, on the models that have it, and a great boon to DVD-watchers and gamers.

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