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Netbooks Under 200 Dollars

Find popular used netbooks for sale under 200 dollars.

Buying Used Netbooks Under 200 Dollars

used netbooks under 200 dollars

Netbooks are one of the hottest trends in mobile computing.  In fact, they are not only trendy, but highly functional super small mobile computing machines.

When netbooks first started to take off with the increasing popularity of the Asus Eee PC laptop, it soon became very apparent that netbooks were going to grow in record numbers.

In fact, just about every computer manufacturer on the planet jumped on the netbook bandwagon.  Today you will find netbooks from the top industry manufacturers including Dell, HP, Sony, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba, and so many more.

If you are in the market for a low cost netbook, you shouldn't have a problem finding some of the most popular netbooks under 200 dollars. During your search you will find that there are a slew of used netbooks available on the market for sub 300 dollar prices, and often you'll even find netbooks for sale under 200 dollars.

The World Of Netbooks Under 200 Dollars

netbooks for sale under 200 dollars

Asus Eee PC Netbooks Under 200 Dollars

asus eee pc UK netbooks

First on the list let's start with none other than the amazing Asus Eee PC netbook for it is with the Eee PC where netbooks began.  

With spectacular marketing by Taiwanese manufacturer Asus, the netbook extravaganza blazed like a firestorm.  

Asus Eee PC laptops are highly functional netbooks that offer a ton of features.  And Asus offers a horde of Eee PC models so choices are plenty.

asus eee pc UK netbookPopular Asus Eee PC 10-inch netbooks include the Eee PC 1008HA, 1005HA, S101H, S101, 1002H, 1002HA, 1000HE, 1000HA, 1000HD, 1000H, and 1000.

Popular Asus Eee PC 9-inch netbooks include the T91, 904HA, 904HD, 901, 900SD, 900HA, 900HD, 900A & 900.

Last but definitely not least are their 7-inch line of netbooks.  Popular models include the 701SDX and 701SD. 

And the list is only going to grow more and more, so we definitely recommend you keep an eye on the Asus Eee PC.

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Dell Mini Netbooks Under 200 Dollars

dell mini uk netbooks

Dell Mini netbook computers are great mobile tech machines perfect to keep you connected on the go. 

Dell Mini's have the latest Intel super mobile processors and a ton of wireless options available such as the latest WiFi, Bluetooth, and even GPS options.  And best of all you won't be spending your life savings for all this mobility. 

Dell Mini laptops are very competitively priced to other manufacturer's netbooks, and Dell Inspiron Mini laptops also are very configurable direct from Dell. Some favorite Dell Mini models at the time of this writing include the Dell Mini 9, Mini 10 & Mini 10v.

You have a slew Dell colored Mini laptops to choose from including white, blue, red, green, black, purple, and even pink netbook Minis.  We highly recommend the Dell pink Mini as the perfect valentine gift.  

dell mini pink laptop uk netbookOn the inside you even have high tech feature options available such as the ultra durable and fast Solid State hard drive technology.

Typical Dell Mini laptops are also of course small and light like other netbook makes and models, and styling is also top notch and the Dell mini netbooks sport a solid build and quality finish.

Some minor quibbles with the Dell Mini are quirky keyboard layout.  Dell Minis have no F11 or F12 keys, and some of the function keys are in a strange location.  Plus like many netbooks typing on the smaller keyboard can take some time to get used to despite it being 92% the size of a typical laptop keyboard.  

Also the super shiny exterior on Dell Mini laptops would be a detective's best friend in the event of a crime for it just loves fingerprints.  But on the other hand the shiny finish stands out, especially on the pink Dell mini which we feel will turn some heads. 

dell mini patterned design skinit uk netbookWe think some of you will simply love the glossy finish and some of you will wish it was finished flat. But what you see is what you get.  Don't like the exterior finish? Remember you could always get a custom skin from Skinit.com for a custom look so no worries.

Last and maybe least, many Dell Mini laptops get pretty darn hot during heavy usage.  But on the plus side Dell Mini laptops don't have an annoying high pitch wine for their cooling fans are very quiet.  Another tradeoff but we hope Dell will improve their cooling efficiency in future Dell Mini models.   

In the end we have to say that Dell Inspiron Mini laptops are great little netbooks, and we highly recommend them as secondary computers, and they will make an awesome holiday gift. 

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Acer Aspire One Netbooks Under 200 Dollars

acer aspire one pink UK netbook

Acer netbook computers redefine mobile connectivity by offering a slew of revolutionary Netbooks in their Acer Aspire One netbook line.

Browsing the Internet, checking your email, chatting with your buddies on built in webcams, checking email on the run, or listening to your favorite tunes has never been easier.

Acer Aspire One Netbooks come in an ultra light super small compact package that you can take anywhere.  Most Acer netbooks weigh in less than 1.5 kg with some even less than 1.3 kg.  Pretty impressive!

One of our own personal favorite Acer netbook computers is the Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch models.  They are a great choice for students and business travelers who need to travel light.  And let me tell you all this portability doesn't come at the insane prices of yesterday for Acer netbooks are super cheap. How is that for a winning combo? 

We like the fact that 10.1 inch models aren't too small to be uncomfortable during extended use, but they are just about the right size to stay ultra portable while at the same time functional. 

acer aspire one pink uk netbookAcer Aspire netbook computer models like other netbooks run on the awesome and super mobile Intel Atom processors. 

Designed especially for mobile devices, the Intel Atom processors such as the Atom N270, uses a brand new design structure which reduces electrical current leakage in transistors to conserve energy.  How does this benefit you? Well how about awesome battery life runtime!

Because of their petite stature and Intel Atom backbone, typical Acer Aspire One netbooks can achieve at least up to 5 hours of battery life with some even hitting the 9+ hour milestone.  Awesome! Of course battery times will always vary depending on usage style, etc., but nevertheless many Acer Aspire One netbooks deliver.

Last but definitely not least Acer netbooks come in a whole slew of exterior color choices including the super popular and trendy pink.  Pink netbook Acer models are as stylish as netbooks come. 

We highly recommend you check out Acer if you are on a quest for the best netbooks under 200 dollars.

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