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Apple Mac Laptop Computers Comparison

Mac Laptop Computers Comparison: MacBook, MacBook Pro, & MacBook Air.

refurbished apple laptop computersMac Laptop Computers Comparison - Introduction

Today's computer market wouldn't be complete without Apple and their innovative products and trendy designed gadgets. This is especially true for their mobile products, for Apple truly is an innovator in this area for they really know how to offer the products that consumers want.

To satisfy the ever expanding laptop computer market and to compete with the PC world, Apple currently offers a fantastic line of laptop computers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Thankfully picking out an Apple laptop is much easier than selecting a PC laptop, though easy, it is still highly recommended that you familiarize with their product line by performing a Mac laptop computers comparison.

Comparing what Apple offers is especially recommended if you are accustomed to using a PC, for a Mac will require a small learning curve. So before you buy an Apple computer, you will definitely want to do a Mac laptop computers comparison to help you find out which model will be able to suit your needs the best.  And even if you are a previous Mac user, a comparison of Apple's laptop line will be a great refresher.

In this brief guide we're going to take a look at Apple's MacBook line of laptops including the standard MacBook, ultra powerful MacBook Pro, and super compact MacBook Air.

MacBook - Mac Laptop Computers Comparison 

apple macbook laptop

Out of all Apple computers, the standard MacBook is definitely one of the most popular Mac laptops on the market.

Brought out in 2006, the MacBook replaced the smaller PowerBook computers and the iBook which all you long time running Mac users will be familiar with. Overtime there have been different designs within the MacBook class of laptops. The original model had a fiberglass and polycarbonate case that was a throwback to the old iBook computers. The second kind of MacBook was actually one that would later blossom into Apple's high-end laptop the MacBook Pro in 2009.  

apple mac laptop computer The standard MacBook sells more than any other Mac computer today, and the mid-priced MacBook was actually the best-selling laptop in the United States for a period of time in 2008. Currently the standard MacBook is lower in price than other Apple MacBooks including the MacBook Air and high-end MacBook Pro, making it an attractive choice for personal and school use.

The standard MacBook line of Mac laptop computers are truly fantastic mobile computing machines, the perfect fit for the average consumer.  The standard MacBook offers plenty of power and features, similar in fact to the higher-end MacBook Pro though without the price premium of the Pro series. Price is most certainly the most appealing reason to go for the standard MacBook, for you can literally get into a brand new sleek and trendy Apple laptop for under $1000.  Not bad!

And for under $1000, the standard MacBook offers plenty of high-end components and a solid feature set to boot.  Graphics horsepower come in the way of a powerful NVIDIA video card so all your graphics intensive multimedia applications will run fantastic.  And a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor is also the brains of the beauty, offering plenty of processing power to drive all your favorite software applications with ease.

apple macbook side screen open The standard MacBook also comes with every other mobile feature you will need to handle your mobility needs including: build-in AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Bluetooth 2.1 technology, a DVD super drive, a large hard-drive for all your storage needs, built in iSight webcam, and more. The MacBook also has a brilliant 13.3-inch LED Backlit widescreen display, and the MacBook is rated up to an amazing 10 hours of battery runtime.  

The only potential drawback with the standard MacBook for some users will be the screen size, for unfortanately the standard MacBook only comes in 13.3 inches. So while the standard MacBook is a great balance of design, features, and price, you will have to upgrade to the more expensive MacBook Pro if you are looking for a screen larger than 13.3 inches. 

Overall though, the MacBook should definitely be on your Mac laptop computers comparison list.  With a solid feature set, a fantastic price, and solid Apple build quality, you can't go wrong with the MacBook.

MacBook Pro - Mac Laptop Computers Comparison

apple macbook pro laptop

Now if you need more flexibility and power over the standard MacBook, the MacBook Pro is going to be the mobile computing machine for you.  It comes in more powerful configurations, contains extra features such as an optional Solid State Drives (SSD), and best of all you have the option to select three different screen sizes.

The MacBook Pro has pretty much had a few basic exterior design changes over the years, and both designs used an aluminum casing for durability and heat dissipation. The original design was basically just a carry-over from the older PowerBook G4.

macbook pro 17 inch side input output portsThe second of the unibody models is more tapered than the first, and somewhat easier to carry. The majority of the casing is made from one aluminum block. The newer design was used first in the MacBook Pro 15-inch model, and then with the 13-inch MacBook unibody. When Apple brought out the 17-inch MacBook Pro, it had that design as well, and it also introduced a built-in battery that would be used in the rest of its line of MacBook Pro's. And in 2010, Apple updated the entire line with a fresher look on their full unibody enclosure.  

The MacBook Pro is currently available in a 13.3, 15.4, and 17-inch configuration. MacBook Pro laptops are popular models with high-end consumers and business users alike for they offer the best in class features and performance in the entire Macbook line.  You should definitely take a close look at the MacBook Pro when performing a Mac laptop computers comparison, especially if you are a power computing user.

apple macbook pro 13 inch keyboardThe 15-inch MacBook Pro is the most popular of the MacBook Pro line, offering a great balance of screen size, performance, weight, and price.  The 15-inch MacBook Pro offers a more powerful graphics card and processor over the 13-inch MacBook Pro among other features. Its specifications also are very close to the 17-inch MacBook Pro. 

Among many great features, 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops come with powerful Intel Core i5 processors, large hard-drives, and a very cool switchable graphics card option that is not available on 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops. 

Unlike the 13-inch MacBook Pro, both the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro models come standard with this automatic graphics switching capability.  This allows the computer to seamlessly switch between the discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics processor and integrated Intel HD Graphics processor on the fly to give you performance when you need it and better battery efficiency when you don't. This feature is totally transparent to the user, and happens on the fly without the need to power down the laptop or change any preferences. Pretty cool!

macbook pro trackpadThe 13-inch MacBook Pro is also very popular for it offers great power in a small package. In October of 2010, Apple released the 13-inch model that was redesigned.  It had a screen that has a higher resolution, a lighter-weight enclosure, a longer battery runtime, and a handy Solid State Drive (SSD) as an option over a traditional hard drive. The MacBook pro 13-inch is a great small laptop that competes well with the super light MacBook Air which we will cover next in our Mac laptop computers comparison.

Finally, the 17-inch MacBook Pro is the top of the line series offered by Apple.  What stands out most with these laptop beauties is the gorgeous 17-inch High-Definition (HD) widescreen LED backlit display.  This beauty offers true HD resolutions at 1920 by 1200 pixels.  On top of this, you can pick up a 17-inch MacBook Pro laptop with a powerful Intel Core i5 processor or with Intel's most powerful and latest Core i7 processor.

Overall the Apple MacBook Pro series is a fantastic line of mobile computing machines. Definitely a power users dream machine.

Besides offering a top of the line feature set with three screen size options among other great features, an Apple MacBook Pro is a truly versatile machine, perfect to even run Microsoft Windows operating systems in tandem with Apple's legendary Mac OSX operating system. This makes the MacBook Pro perfect for the enthusiast.

MacBook Air - Mac Laptop Computers Comparison 

apple macbook air laptop

First introduced in 2008, Apple's MacBook Air is the line of ultra-portable Mac notebooks that started using Apple's aluminum unibody shell, and it was the first of the netbook-sized laptops made by Apple since they stopped making the 12-inch PowerBook in 2006. The original MacBook Air had a 13.3-inch screen, and was actually at its introduction the thinnest notebook in the world.

Because the MacBook Air was the original single-sheet aluminum model produced by Apple its style and appeal is truly elegant. The MacBook Air is definitely a Mac laptop computer that you should check out, especially if portability is on the top of your list.  The MacBook Air model was designed to be thin, and it is lighter in weight than most laptops in its class.

The original MacBook Air had a custom Intel processor, and IMA graphics by Intel, though it was later updated to include powerful NVIDIA graphics as found in today's MacBook Air laptops. Apple also introduced a larger size hard-drive and additional features since the MacBook Air was first introduced to keep up with industry trends and consumer wants and needs.

apple macbook air 13 and 11 inch The MacBook Air was also the first Apple laptop with a solid state storage drive (SSD) as an option. Flashing forward to the modern MacBook Air laptop, now they only come with SSD storage, for a non-SSD drive is no longer an option. SSD drives are the superior choice for a portable machine like the MacBook Air for they offer data protection and reduced power consumption.

Among great features, the MacBook Air has a beautiful glossy LED back-lit display. You can purchase a MacBook Air with either an 11 or 13-inch screen depending on how portable you want to go.  We personally enjoy the larger 13-inch model, for the screen is a bit easier on the eyes after extended use, though the 11-inch MacBook Air is exceptionally portable, even when compared to the already compact 13-inch model.

The MacBook Air is graced by a fantastic full-sized keyboard, perfect to eliminate some of the headaches of getting accustomed to a small laptop. There is also a large trackpad on the Air models, and you'll find that the response is awesome, similar to that of the iPhone actually. You can use the same type of touches to elicit responses from the MacBook Air, like rotating, swiping and pinching.

MacBook Air laptops are powered by the Intel's Core 2 Duo processor, and MacBook Air configurations come standard with 2GB of memory, though 4GB is optional.  MacBook Air performance is outstanding, especially when you consider that the laptop is exceptionally tiny at only 2.3 pounds.  

The MacBook Air also comes with every other mobile feature you will need to handle your mobility needs including: build-in AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Bluetooth 2.1 technology, a large Solid State Drive for all your storage needs, built in iSight webcam, and more. The 11-inch MacBook Air also gets up to an admirable 5 hours of battery runtime, and the 13-inch MacBook Air is rated up to 7 hours.

apple macbook air sideview The only potential drawback with the MacBook Air like other small laptops is the lack of a built-in DVD super drive.  This however is to be expected due to the super compact nature of the machine, and so to combat this Apple sells an optional external SuperDrive.  
For all you go green folks out there, the MacBook Air and other MacBook laptops are built using less toxic chemicals. The MacBook Air also has an Energy Star 5 rating, since the enclosure is recyclable. It contains no mercury and there is no arsenic in the glass used. With the purchase of a new mac laptop computer, it's definitely nice to know that you're also saving the planet in the process.

Overall the MacBook Air should definitely be on your Mac laptop computers comparison list.  A compact frame, solid feature set, good battery life and ultra portability grace the MacBook Air, making it a fantastic digital companion.  

Final Thoughts - Mac Laptop Computers Comparison

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Happy purchasing folks!

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