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HP Colored Laptops

Why HP colored laptops are a fantastic gift idea for college students!

new pink hp colored laptops

HP Colored Laptops

By Leanne B.

When it comes to expressing yourself, you can do so in a number of ways.
From the car you drive, to the clothes you wear, to the music you listen to, even to the food you do or don't eat.

So why not express yourself with the color of your laptop?  Because let's face it, the computer geek in all of us is just waiting to be expressed!  

Computers and laptops used to be so industrial looking.  Slate grays, boring blacks, or plain whites, nowadays, there are color choices if you're in the market for a top of the line colored laptop.  And if you're looking for a quality brand with state of the art technology and great colors to choose from, search no further than HP colored laptops.

We are a society of individuals that strive to stand out in a crowd.  So many people are iPhone users nowadays, but they can still express themselves by spending small fortunes on designer iPhone cases.  

I remember when Apple came out with the colored iMac's in the late 90's.  It was an exciting time in computer history because now the secular Mac users could express themselves among their computer cult by choosing a color to match their personalities.  

Now HP, along with just about every other laptop manufacturer is showcasing a fantastic line-up of colored laptops in 2015.  

There is a color choice out there for everyone.  Whether you're looking for something to match your personality, gender, or just want something that looks a little more fun and less business, read on as we explore HP colored laptops.

Envy HP colored laptops
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HP colored laptops are competitively designed and marketed based on features, prices, and availability. 

They rank well among other laptops on the market.  HP colored laptop options include the affordable and compact mini, laptops for everyday computing, high performance models, and the HP Envy line. In fact HP's Envy 14 was named computer of the year by Wired Magazine in 2010.

The new Pavilion line of HP colored laptops are impressing HP fans for they are as feature rich as they are stylish, available in numerous dazzling colors. 

With so many choices, there is definitely a color available to please even the most eccentric individual and with the competitive prices, these are a great option for teenagers and college students, or anyone living on a budget. 

Popular neutral colors include pewter, charcoal gray, and butter gold.  Colors more popular among the ladies include luminous rose, sonoma red, and sweet purple.  And for the men, pacific blue and the numerous shads of black rate among the most popular.

Besides the impressive color selection, the Pavilion line of HP colored laptops also offer a slew of screen sizes. Choose from multiple screen sizes ranging from as small as under 12-inches on up to over 17. 

HP colored laptops also offer a solid range of specifications to choose from.  They come equipped with the essentials such as top of the line Intel or AMD processors, the newest memory technologies, fast spacious hard drives, 802.11 Wi-Fi, and a built-in webcam with microphone among other highlights.  What more could you ask for?

HP laptops also offer admirable battery runtimes across the board. Battery life for many HP laptop computers vary between 4 and 5-1/2 hours, with some even higher.  Pickup a second battery with your HP laptop purchase and you can go all day without a wall outlet.
pink hp colored netbooks
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HP Mini-Series Netbooks are an exciting option for those in the market for super portable HP colored laptops.  The laptops are extremely lightweight and are very convenient for those on the go, whether you're a business traveler or a student.  College students will very much appreciate the low cost of an HP Mini Series laptop.

The battery life for these mini netbooks is great, and very competitive with other colored laptops on the market.  HP Mini netbooks also come loaded with Windows 7, top of the line energy efficient mobile Intel processors, plenty of hard drive space, and a built-in webcam among other features. 

And besides the affordable prices and features, one can't resist the snazzy color choices.  Choose from multiple fun colors including charcoal, ice berry, luminous rose pink, ocean drive, and lavender frost among many others. 

All are appealing to potential buyers, but the ice berry is actually a two-tone paisley design that is sure to wow both men and women, so if you're looking to buy something together with your spouse, you won't have to argue about this one!

HP's award winning Ultra Portable Laptops are another option when it comes to HP colored laptops.  These ultra portable laptops vary in weight around 3.4 pounds to 4.4 pounds and come as thin as 1”, but don't think the weight or size diminishes the power. 

These Ultra Portable HP colored laptops have all the power of a desktop PC.  Windows 7, webcam, Wi-Fi, Intel processors, incredible memory, and the list goes on and on. 

And of course, there are great options when it comes to color.  Choose from the champagne, shell blue, black cherry, or shell white among others.  These colors are appealing to both men and women and are diverse enough to catch the eye of any shopper.
floral hp colored laptops
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As you see, the HP colored laptop options are pretty incredible.  But if you're looking to express yourself even more, why not explore the many skins available for your already colorful laptop? 

There are an endless number of choices in terms of designs and colors for those looking to personalize their laptop. 

Men can show off their favorite sports team with an athletic skin and women can opt for something floral or decorative. 

College students can root for their team with a cool custom college sports logo or design.

Kids would love a skin for their HP colored laptop of their favorite cartoon character and what grandparent wouldn't love a skin with pictures of their grandchildren?  This is also a great gift idea for parents. 

With so many options, there is definitely a skin available to please everyone out there.  So if you're looking to jazz up your HP colored laptop even more, opt for a cool laptop skin.

As you can see, if you're in the market for a great colored laptop, it is definitely worth researching HP.  HP has a great reputation and has been providing award-winning laptops for years.  They are always on the edge of leading technology and implement this into their laptops.

If you're looking to upgrade your boring gray, blah black, or dead white laptop to an exciting colored laptop, we highly recommend the HP colored laptops.  With so many choices, there is surely something for everyone. 

Whether you're in the market for a mini netbook, or a lightweight ultra portable device, or a top of the line, high performance HP laptop, the HP options are endless and the color choices are pleasing to even the biggest computer geeks.

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