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Free Laptop For Students

If you're looking for a free student laptop keep reading for we may
be able to help you get your hands on one.

Free Laptop for Students - Do They Exist?

free laptop for students macbook pictureAre you looking for a free student laptop? 

We assume that first and foremost you are most certainly skeptical to the legitimacy of free offers in today's society, especially an expensive item such as a laptop, right?  

I mean who hasn't heard the saying that nothing in life is free.

Ok, well the new school year is on the horizon and well you are strapped for cash and purchasing a laptop is out of question.  What to do? 

Free Laptops from Gratis Internet, Inc.

Gratis Internet is a Washington, D.C based customer Acquisition Company that offers tons of free products.

Offers include iPods, game consoles, digital cameras, and of course a free laptop for students among other cool products. 

We have to admit that we were totally skeptical when we first landed on their FreeiPods.com website some time ago.

We decided to perform a bit of research and landed on an article by Wired.  Here's the article if you are interested. Click Here

One of our good friends decided to try out the process along with some of his buddies and to his and our skepticism a new iPod ended up being delivered to his doorstep about 3 months after signing up for an offer himself and completing the various requirements along with some friends.
We can now say that Gratis Internet is a company offering free laptops that we've personally seen actual firsthand proof regarding their legitimacy.  We decided to browse around the net to see if there were other testimonials to strengthen the legitimacy and sure enough there were.
There are of course other companies out there that claim to offer free products but from personal experience we can only vouch for Gratis Internet at the moment. 

If you try another so called free product service be very careful with your personal information including credit card numbers, etc., and perform tons of research to validate that the company isn't a fraud.

So where exactly can I get a free laptop for students?

You can begin the process on the Gratis Internet laptops freepay website.

Once you are there be sure to read all the details regarding the requirements and use your smart web surfing skills to make sure you are doing everything as required. 

Take note that we haven't personally went through the process to get a free laptop, but we are assuming that the service is legitimate based off our friends experience with the free iPod.

If it works for you and you receive a free laptop please contact us for we would love to feature your picture and experience on our website.

Basic step-by-step process - Free laptop for students  

Here are some basic steps that you are going to be performing to get a free student laptop.  Please note that these steps may be slightly different for you depending on when you sign up for the service, etc.  Terms and steps can change of course over time so remember once again to read everything in its entirety.

Step 1: 
Sign up for the service on Gratis Internet laptops freepay website.  Use valid information of course and read all the details. 

Step 2:  

Complete a marketing survey.  The survey doesn't have impact on your ability to receive free student laptops.

Step 3:  

Once you sign up you should receive a verification email.  If you did not you can go to the My Account page and click the link to send the verification.

Step 4: 

Sign up with one of their partners and complete an offer.  (Offers typically take a few days to show up as completed on your account)
Step 5: 
Refer some friends and have them complete an offer. The number of referrals required varies so take note and again read any details presented.

Free Laptop for Students - Final Thoughts & Advice

As you see the steps above are in a nutshell what you are going to have to go through before you're going to be receiving a free student laptop. 

While we know it sounds pretty straight forward, keep in mind that you will of course need friends willing to sign up for one of their offers.  

The number of referrals required can vary too, but if you do in deed have enough friends that are willing this won't be too bad, especially since a free laptop is the reward.   

We recommend that you and your friends pick an offer that you are truly interested in. For example, as of this writing Blockbuster Online is currently an offer and something many of you may be interested in. 

Well folks, as you see nothing in life is truly free.  Technically since you and some friends have to sign up for an offer and vest some time, this pretty much throws out the free in free laptop. 

However, if all goes as Gratis Internet claims you may just receive what we prefer to call a nearly free laptop for students and well that is a pretty sweet bargain we have to admit. 

Once again, if you receive a free student laptop please contact us and let us know for we would love to feature you on our site. 

Free Laptop For Students - 2015 Update

As of late it looks like Gratis Internet's Freepay branded sites including Freepay.com are no longer available. We did a bit of research and discovered that Gratis Internet is still around, though the company has made the decision to pull the Freepay labeled sites down. We're not sure if this is permanent because the Freepay URLs still exist, but as of now we receive a "Sorry! This site is not currently available." message.

Unfortunately we can't personally vouch for another free student laptop sites legitimacy at this time, but we have heard that other free student laptop offers do in fact exist on the Web.

If you do find another free college student laptop offer, our personal advice to you is be very careful with your personal information, and do as much research into the offer before vesting your time. We recommend you check out a website such as Scambusters.org or similar site to make sure the company offering the free laptop isn't all over their fraud lists.

If you personally find a free laptop for students offer and have success, please let us know for we'd love to share this information to help other students get a free laptop.

If you don't have any luck finding a free student laptop deal on the Web, don't trip, check out our Best Laptop Computer For College Students, and Best Laptops For College Students articles below to find information and reviews on the best student laptops. We're confident you will find a fantastic laptop deal on the Web for a price that won't break your bank.

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