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Factory Refurbished Laptops

Top reasons to purchase a refurbished notebook computer. 

Cheap Factory Refurbished Laptops Overview 

refurbished apple laptop computer

Refurbished laptop computers are often the best purchasing option if you're looking for a lower priced laptop.

If you're strapped for cash, purchasing a refurbished computer is a great way to potentially save a lot of money. This is especially beneficial during these tough economic times.

This ability to save some extra cash is for most people the number one reason why they are thinking of purchasing a used or refurbished laptop instead of a new one.

There are many other benefits to buying factory refurbished laptops as well, but we must say a low cost of ownership is going to be the most sought benefit for most of you.

With a refurbished laptop there is definitely a lower risk of being out a whole lot of cash in the event of laptop theft or an accident. And if you have bills to pay or other expenses, the extra money left over from buying a refurbished unit will be a great benefit to you.

The demand for these practically new laptops has also grown tremendously over the past few years, so expect to find many top quality used and refurbished laptops to choose from. 

All popular laptops including those form Apple, Dell, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, IBM, Gateway, Asus, and Acer can be purchased as a used or as a refurbished unit from a variety of sources.  The large number of models and purchasing options available is going to give you great flexibility with your budget.

Lesser known laptop brands can also be purchased as a refurb or used unit as well, but before you run out and buy any refurbished unit, be it one from a big name or small name manufacturer, it's always best to know the answers to the refurbished laptop questions below.

Factory Refurbished Laptop Q & A

Factory Refurbished Laptops?

Refurbished notebooks in a nutshell are models that have failed at one point from one reason or another and were since repaired and re-branded for sale once again. 

Many consumers in fact are very wary of trusting a product that has at one point failed and isn't brand spanking new, but realistically any fears in our opinion are those of the unknown. 

See any piece of electronic from laptop computers to laundry washing machines have moving and electrical parts that do from time to time fail from a manufacturer defect or premature wear and tear.   This doesn't mean they are a crappy product, it simply means something just wasn't exactly sound after its production release. 

How are products refurbished or reconditioned?

Products that are refurbished must pass through a thorough examination.  After repairing any defect and sanitizing when necessary, the product is repackaged either by the original manufacturer or a reputable professional outside firm may perform the refurbishing, or reconditioning, returning the products to like-new or almost new condition.

What makes a refurbished laptop a great value?

Refurbished or reconditioned products maintain high quality standards. Each item is checked normally twice for proper working condition and quality. In fact, refurbished products have a very low rate of return.  Once again and most importantly the price you pay for a refurbished or reconditioned item is much lower than retail price.

How do I pick out the perfect cheap refurbished laptop?

Picking out the perfect factory refurbished laptops is similar to picking out a brand new laptop computer actually. 

Find one that matches your unique lifestyle requirements and then perform a bit of research to determine that the specific model is going to meet your computing needs at the present moment and into the future. 

We say look about 3 years into the future for this in our experience is a decent lifecycle for a laptop computer.

Once major thing to consider when purchasing factory refurbished laptops first and foremost of course is price, after all that is why you are most likely going the refurbished route anyways, right?  

What we recommend you do depending on the age of the refurbished laptop is to comparison shop for the exact model brand new to see exactly how much you are going to save, or simply look for a new or used model with similar specifications if the model isn't current.  This should give you a general idea to whether or not you are going to be saving anything substantial on your purchase by going with a refurbished notebook. 

If you just need a basic refurbished laptop to supplement say another computer or to give to a young tech adventurer then looking for the latest greatest machine may not really make sense.  If this is the case and you are going for a cheap refurbished laptop then simply make sure it will at least handle the most basic needs of the intended user at the minimum. 

Keep in mind that super cheap isn't always the best buy.  You may for example find an old basic refurb for $300 when on the other hand a higher end model may be available for not much more price wise.  The latter as you see would then be the best buy to future proof your investment.  As a general rule of thumb simply do your research, know exactly what your needs are, and comparison shop among multiple sources.

Other things to consider when purchasing a cheap factory refurbished laptop.

When shopping for a refurb also pay attention to warranty options.  Like a new computer purchase a refurbished model will often also come with some type of standard limited warranty.  

Also like a new computer you may have some options regarding upgrading a warranty and we personally recommend upgrading from the standard warranty if offered since most of you will be using your laptop beyond 1 year.  Not to mention keep in mind a laptop is more likely to have an issue over a desktop because of its condensed size and unique on the go usage patterns. 

If you order a refurbished notebook from Dell's outlet for example, Dell offers the options to upgrade from the standard 1 warranty to either a 2 or 3 year.   They also offer other options such as in home setups, etc.  Not bad!  If ordering from another source such as overstock.com warranty options are also normally available.  In a nutshell do pay attention to warranty options for some other sources may offer very limited warranty options.

Where To Buy Cheap Factory Refurbished Laptops

Let's now overview where to find some solid and cheap refurbished notebook computers. 

Models include refurbished HP laptops, refurbished wholesale laptops, cheap factory refurbished notebooks, refurbished Apple laptops, Dell refurbished, Sony Vaio refurbs, and many other refurbished models.

Ok, so where can I get a great deal on a refurbished computer?  We'll show you.

One of our favorite online shopping destinations is Amazon.com.  You will find plenty of refurbished notebooks to choose from at Amazon.com.  As the largest online retailer Amazon offers a wide variety of products, including a solid selection of refurbished notebooks and our shopping experience on Amazon is smooth and we trust them with our personal information. 

We've been ordering products from Amazon.com for many years without anything except maybe an occasional shipping issue, and a return issue once many years ago.  Not bad since we've ordered hundreds of products from Amazon over the course of many years. Definitely check them out! Amazon.com Refurbished Notebooks  

One of our favorite places to pickup a great deal on a refurbished model is Overstock.com.  Overstock has a great selection of refurbs and their inventory is updated very often.  

Based off our experience shopping at Overstock, we have to say we've had a great shopping experience and their website is easy to navigate and their checkout process is smooth and shipping was pretty good too. Overstock.com Refurbs

Looking for Dell factory refurbished laptops?  You are going to find a solid selection of Dell laptops to choose from.  Head over to Dell's own Dell Outlet and look over their large selection of refurbished models.  You can find some great deals on the already cheap Dell Inspiron line of laptops, the Dell laptop mini, XPS line and more.  Dell Refurbished Notebooks

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to finding a great deal on a refurbished notebook computer.  

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