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Dell Colored Laptops

Top reasons to purchase stylish Dell colored laptops.

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Stylish Dell Colored Laptops

By Mark B.

If you're looking for a stylish fun colored laptop, look no further than Dell.

Dell colored laptops rank very high among the best laptops in not only color options and style, but specifications and price as well.

Finding a cool Dell laptop in your favorite color is super easy thanks to a sweet selection of colors to choose from. Some of the coolest colors offered with Dell laptops include mars black, peacock blue, tomato red, and the hugely popular lotus pink.
Dell also makes it easy to fit one of their colored laptops into your budget by offering three differently price laptop series including the Dell Mini, Inspiron, and XPS.  Dell Mini colored laptops are the cheapest, followed by the Inspiron, and finally XPS laptops move further up the price ladder.

Putting price aside though, all Dell colored laptop series offer a fantastic color selection to choose from. Dell designers chose a color palette that is very popular, though they've subtly tweaked the palette with the right balance of shade and tone. This puts Dell laptops among the best colored laptops in the industry.

If you're looking for a great colored laptop for men, look no further than a colorful laptop in either mars black or peacock blue. Men will love mars black, and many men will also dig peacock blue. The blue offers just the right balance of femininity and masculinity.

Now if you're looking for a feminine colored laptop, you're going to love Dell's lotus pink color laptops. Dell's pink laptops rank among the best pink laptops on the market, and they are the most popular with women. In fact, Dell pink laptops have been high on the list of popular pink laptops for some time, dating back to their original and hugely popular
Dell flamingo pink laptop.

inspiron mini pink dell colored laptops
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Red Dell laptops are also more popular with women, though you will find many men will like Dell's red laptop selection. As a man who personally owns a red Dell laptop, I feel no shame when plopping it on a table at my local Starbucks.

On the other hand I received mine as a gift, so I'm not really complaining.  Sure blue happens to be my favorite color, and it would have been nice to have received a blue Dell laptop, but I must say I've grown to love my trusty red Dell laptop. 

But as you see, there is a Dell colored laptop available to satisfy all but the most picky colored gadget enthusiasts.  If you're not into the current crop of blue, black, pink, or red laptops, look for more colors in the very near future, for Dell constantly changes up their laptop color selection. Green, brown, white, orange, and yellow Dell laptops among others can be found as well.

If that still isn't enough to satisfy your colored laptop desires, check out a cool laptop Skin from Skinit.com or pay for a custom paint job through a professional laptop painting company such as Colorware.

Dell Colored Laptops - Beyond Color

A great colored laptop wouldn't be complete without the specifications to compliment great exterior styling. After all, what good is a pretty face without a brain to match? A great colored laptop should also be sold at various prices so not just the super rich can afford one.

Thankfully, all Dell laptops offer leading edge technologies including the latest processors from Intel and AMD, the newest high speed memory technologies, the latest wireless (Wi-Fi) standards, powerful graphics, widescreen high-definition (HD) displays, webcams, and much more. 

Dell laptops including the Mini, Inspiron, and XPS also get solid battery runtimes across the board. Some Dell colored laptops even get over 10 hours of battery life when using a high capacity battery.  This is all day mobile computing at your fingertips folks, pretty exciting stuff.

Another strong point with colored Dell laptops which we briefly touched upon earlier is pricing.  As we mentioned, Dell Mini, Inspiron, and XPS systems are a different series, and so each series offers a different class of performance, which also means you have flexibility with your budget.
dell inspiron blue colored laptops
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Dell's laptop series are further classified as minis/netbooks, everyday computing, performance, multimedia, ultra mobility, and gaming.

Minis/netbooks are basic laptops designed primarily for Internet surfing, document editing, email checking, and listening to music. Minis make a great secondary computer too.

They are by far the cheapest Dell colored laptops when comparing to other series as well.  Minis are small, light, and they also get good battery life across the board. 

Everyday computing colored Dell laptops are versatile laptops designed for school,  business, and play.  The Dell Inspiron series of laptops fall in this category.  These laptops are bigger than netbooks, offer stronger specifications, and are priced just a tad higher. 

Jumping up a notch to a performance or multimedia series laptop from Dell, you will find the XPS. Dell XPS laptops are engineered from the ground up to perform.  Considered Dell's premier class of laptops, XPS laptops offer just about every leading edge technology.  Dell XPS laptops are ideal for the mobile computing power user. 

Ultra mobility Dell colored laptops include either the Dell Inspiron Mini, smaller Inspiron series laptop, or Inspiron duo convertible tablet. These ultraportable laptops offer you a full laptop experience in a netbook-sized package. If you need a portable laptop for travel, or for taking around town on daily computing adventurers, a Dell ultra mobility series laptop is for you.

Last but not least we have gaming laptops from Dell, branded as Alienware.  Alienware Dell laptops are ultra-powerful laptops with the latest mobile computing technologies, designed purely with the hardcore mobile gamer in mind. 

As you see there is much more to Dell colored laptops than simply great colorful styling.  Dell offers a slew of laptop options for just about everyone's mobile computing needs, and flexible pricing to boot.
Overall we rank Dell colored laptops among the best colored laptops on the market, regardless of the series. Dell Mini laptops, Inspiron laptops, and XPS laptops offer good build quality across the board, top notch styling, and exceptional pricing.  Highly recommend!

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