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Cool Looking Laptops

When A Vanilla Laptop Isn't Enough - Cool Looking Laptops

acer ferrari laptopCool Looking Laptops

By Rodolfo D.

Finding a cool laptop used to be quite hard, manufacturers were releasing mostly boring black or white finishes on these gadgets.

But if you indeed got lucky enough to see one, you would have soon discovered that the price for these cooler laptops could easily break your bank.

Fortunately for all of us, these days there are more and more cool looking laptops available on the market, and they can be found in numerous price ranges.  No longer will you have to spend your life savings for a cool laptop.

Apple, Dell, Sony, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and even Gateway to name a few offer some pretty exciting laptops.  Some highlights include cool logos, sports car branding, colorful exteriors, two-tone designs, and radical funky styling.  

Here's a brief look at some cool laptops offered by Apple, Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Sony, Gateway, HP, and Lenovo.


cool looking apple macbook airGadgets from Apple will probably take the prize for the most cool looking laptops category. In fact, its laptop products, from the cheapest MacBook and MacBook Air, to the more pricey MacBook Pro series, can all be lauded for highly functional designs.

Touchpads are made from edge to edge with pure glass. And the mouse buttons are fortunately really functional. Plus, the backlit keyboard makes working at lower lighting conditions much easier.

The overall assembly aptly called "unibody," carves single aluminum sheets, with the smaller structural components fused onto them. This eliminates too many moving parts, making the laptop lightweight yet durable to endure daily lugging around.

And aside from an iconic look, you will be happy to know that the price you pay for this laptop is well worth it. You will never have a problem with heat on this unit.

And with the highest rated laptop battery packs, you can have uninhibited use for up to 7 hours without worrying of frozen programs or whirring fans kicking in.

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cool looking acer ferrari one laptopAcer is not really known for releasing cool looking laptops. But this has changed since their release of the Acer Ferrari One. And you heard it right, a laptop complete with a Ferrari emblem, with that iconic black prancing horse against a canary yellow background, set right smack in the middle of a completely red laptop lid.

But what about the laptop's performance—it is worthy to even bear the Ferrari logo? Fortunately and surprisingly—yes. With an AMD Athlon processor, programs, even graphics-heavy ones, run without time lag.

The keyboard is exceptionally designed as well, with keys placed much like the standard keyboard. So shortcut key users should find this product particularly functional.

The touchpad and mouse bars appear in special designs as well, and are adequately responsive for easy manipulation even when used for gaming.

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cool looking asus lamborghini laptopMuch like Acer and other competing laptop manufacturers, Asus has also steered away from boring laptop colors and finishes.

Many Asus laptops now offer fancy glossy lids that are very appealing visually, though they also attract fingerprints, so its a double-edged sword situation.

Asus designers also love cars which is evidenced in its Asus Lamborghini VX5 laptop. The cool looking laptops from this manufacturer can be had in regular black, or the more modern looking yellow hue.

Asus laptops are known for superior graphics quality and excellent battery capacity as well, so hours of gaming and video watching should not be a problem.

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cool looking dell adamo laptopDell has long been in the laptops manufacturing business and so far has released some exceptional models, both in appearance and performance. Most notable for their really sleek and modern designs are the Dell Adamo XPS and the Dell Vostro V13.

And while cheaper Dell laptop models have only been given minimal sprucing up in the looks department, it is reassuring to know that one can now order custom-made lids from the manufacturer. One can conveniently log on to the website Design Studio and choose from a multitude of designs for laptop lids there.

Deciding for this option would be permanent though. Meaning, you order a specific Dell laptop model and lid design, and these will all be specially assembled and delivered to you. But a few caveats on cheaper models of this brand though.

Dell has never seemed to overcome the problem with battery power, and ultimately, heat generation. And the description of other reviewers will sum it all up—laptops from Dell are hot—as in literally.

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cool looking fujitsu lifebookFujitsu is another manufacturer that has been releasing quite bland looking laptops as of late. However, the latest in the Lifebook series, the Fujitsu Lifebook T580, while in basic black, boasts of rather sleek lines and smooth edges. Plus, the LCD display can be conveniently rotated, to allow the laptop to be used as a tablet-style computer.

The touchscreen can be controlled using a specially supplied pen. Also, basic rotating, zooming, and double-tapping can be done with fingers alone on the touchscreen. But if more inclined on getting more colorful laptops from this manufacturer, then the Fujitsu M2010 line is worth a look.

Some basic features do not fare too positively though, particularly the keyboard. The keys on some models are rather tiny, making typing a bit of a chore. Also, placement of keys on lower-end models is a little problematic, and can pose a problem if you are used to shortcut key strokes.

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cool looking pink sony vaio crocodile laptopSony has often been known as the Apple of the PC world for offering cool, sleek, well designed laptops.  

Today Sony continues this trend by offering a slew of cool looking laptops such as the pink Sony VAIO crocodile faux mini laptop.

Popular in the super small laptop category, you will find the 8-inch Sony VAIO P Series laptop.  This series is very popular with consumers looking for a super small, light, and trendy mobile computer.  

Unfortanately the P Series doesn't get the battery life of many competing laptops, though its tiny 8-inch frame makes it the perfect size to stuff in a bag or purse.  This  somewhat makes up for its lackluster battery runtime. 

So while the VAIO P Series is a sleek looking mini laptop, with only 4.5 hours of battery runtime it isn't the most attractive option for those who take super long flights or spend hours at their favorite coffee corner.

On the other hand, its compact frame and 1.3 pound body, makes you forget about some of its downfalls pretty quick.

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cool looking gateway tc series laptopGateway laptops, much like the ones from Acer, did not really stand out in the cool looking laptops category.

However, more and more Gateway laptop models are now released in a variety of colors and designs to cater to a growing need for more unique looking gadgets. One such model that offers unique styling is the Gateway TC series.  

Gateway will release more models to compete with the rest of the laptop industry so you definitely will want to take a look at Gateway's current line if you're looking for a cool looking laptop.

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cool looking hp envy beats laptopFortunately for us longing for that iconic MacBook look on our gadgets, we can obtain much cheaper cool looking laptops versions through the manufacturer HP, particularly through its line of Envy models.

Also, the more pricey models from the HP EliteBook are worth a look for their highly functional and elegant business laptops, with superb keyboard response a particular stand out. Unfortunately though, HP consumer models have not been equipped with such light and quick-response keyboard action.

One of HPs cooler looking laptops include the HP Envy Beats.  The Envy Beats is a special edition glossy black that contains a superior audio sound system from Beats.

HP is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for cool looking laptops, for the Envy line not only offers solid styling, but powerful features as well.

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cool looking lenovo thinkpad edge 13 laptopA cool looking laptops list will only be complete after mention Lenovo and their business laptop line, specifically its ThinkPad T410s model. Aside from keeping its position in the thin-and-light laptop category, the overall performance is surprisingly well as compared to other gadgets in the same price range.

Good looks coupled with excellent performance are evidenced on the ThinkPad Edge 13 as well. And with one of the easiest laptop keyboards to use due to their excellent response, overall positive user experience is guaranteed.

Laptops are equipped with the proprietary technology TrackPoint as well, making usual mouse tasks of pointing and dragging much easier than ever.

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