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Colorful Laptops

What to look for when shopping for colorful laptops or netbooks.

sony vaio colorful laptopsThe Quest For Trendy Colored Laptops

The companies that make laptops are scrambling all over each other to get the market cornered on colorful laptops. They make them with specialized designs and logos, and everyone has their own idea of the most attractive laptop.

Splashes of color add personality to laptops, although overall price is still a big factor in what laptop you choose. The exception to the color splash is Apple, whose fans are content to pay for plain colors, with the bonus of being able to buy many things to color their MacBooks and iPads.

You can now buy color laptops with all kinds of colors and patterns, and even team logos. This allows people to add team spirit to their laptops. Dell users can visit the site's design studio, and choose from many colorful patterns in order to create a truly custom laptop. The studio includes geometric and abstract patterns as well, created by both established and unknown artists.

Colorful Laptop Computers & More

hp garden dreams colorful laptop computer

Most companies that offer customized designs are allowing their customers to design colorful laptops that reflect their personality. HP is planning to use artwork and color to add more character to their laptops, and there are special designs for specific audiences, as well. HP has different colored netbooks, too. One HP netbook has a 3D visual on top, and these colorful laptops even deliver the manufacturers better profit margins, since people are usually willing to pay extra for custom colors. 

Many users look for laptops that will be unique enough to reflect their personal tastes. If laptops are a bit plain when purchased, many buyers will opt for skins or cases to show off their style. For instance, Apple releases thin and special tablets and laptops with very little color, but there are many ways to make them into colorful laptops, like hard cases and skins. 

The design of a laptop doesn't matter quite as much to people seeking the lower priced models. Most companies that make laptops realize that the demand for more colorful and artistic designs will affect their higher priced models. Design matters a lot more to people buying high end laptops. 

Colorful laptops are ideal replacements for desktop PC's. The laptops are so portable that you can take almost anything you need with you. You can not only take it to work or out around town, but even use it at different places in your home. If you travel a lot with your laptop, you'll want one with some color and personality. Laptops can be a large investment, so you want to find one that reflects your own style.

Colored Laptops Big On Style

colorful pink sony laptops

When you shop for a laptop, along with colors and designs, you'll want to know what type of color laptop is a good fit for you. If you're going to be using your laptop at home, you'll want most of the features of a  PC. 

Students usually look for colorful laptops that are durable, lightweight and affordable. Business fliers want slim models with batteries that last a long time. Other business users purchase laptops with a lot of disk space and effective security measures. A gamer will want the latest graphics card and a lightning-fast processor.

You can buy colorful laptops for entertainment purposes, and these multimedia laptops are generally more heavy and expensive than standard models. They have a lot of memory space, a powerful processor and a good sized hard drive. These laptops are used as mobile DVD players, digital photo albums, MP3 players and gaming devices.

If you're looking specifically for a business laptop, that doesn't mean you can't go with some color, as long as your boss doesn't have issues with it. You'll want a secure and durable laptop, and that does not rule out colorful laptops. Business laptop computers should have a SmartCard support or fingerprint reader to prevent someone from stealing your data. They have lots of capabilities, but you should still be able to customize them with designs and colors that you like.

Trendy Colored Laptop Designs 

hp butterfly trendy colorful laptops

Home laptops don't need to be as secure as work laptops. They are mainly used for web browsing and surfing the internet. You may perform other routine tasks on them, as well. You can find all kinds of colorful laptops that are suitable for home use. A screen of 14 inches or so will work the best for many, unless you want a larger one. They may be a bit heavier than business laptop computers too, since they don't need to be carried around as much. 

The size of the screen on your laptop is important if you have difficulty seeing, or if you use graphics-intense programs. It won't do you any good to get a small netbook because it's lighter in weight, when you really need a bigger screen. 

If you will be using your laptop a lot, you'll want it to be ergonomically comfortable to use. Try out laptops with larger keys, so that you can type more easily. If the touch pad or tracking ball don't work for you, opt for a colorful wireless mouse. If you like to game, select a separate mouse that will allow you to keep pace with the action on the screen.

If you're like most laptop shoppers you will also want to choose an operating system that you're familiar with such as any Microsoft Windows flavor. Windows 7 is a great OS for home tasks, business chores, and especially gaming duties. If you need a solid computer for work and you prefer Apple, you can even run a Windows OS as well as Mac OS. And definitely, get a skin or a case for your Apple MacBook or iPad, to make them as stylish as original and colorful laptops. 

Your laptop should have a good hard drive, for storing files and programs. If you'll be using your laptop at home, detail it with colorful keyboards and mice, and make sure that you have at least a 60 GB of hard drive. For businesses or entertainment, a 120 GB hard drive or better is recommended. And some laptops used for gaming or other performance oriented tasks even have more than one hard drive to offer you even better performance and flexibility. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at colorful laptops. As you see there are a slew of great colored laptops out there offering different designs, colors, and specifications. And if you can't find the perfect color laptop you can always opt to customize your uniqe style by picking up a number of cool colorful laptop accessories including colored mice, colored keyboards, custom colored or patterned laptop sleeves, and much more.

Below you will find our hand picked shopping recomendations and showcase of popular laptop models and accessories including pink laptops, red laptops, purple laptops, green laptops, and other colored laptops. 

Online Shopping Specials

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