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Colored Apple Laptops

A look at colored Apple laptops including pink Apple Macintosh laptops. 

Cool Colored Apple Laptops

pink colored apple macintosh laptopsIf you want to work with colored Apple laptops, that usually means buying skins or cases for your computer, since Apple's MacBooks and iPads generally only come in black, silver and white. Their laptops are so slim that you may lose one in a stack of paperwork, so they're lightweight and have many features, but color isn't one of them, or is it? 

Apple's new MacBook Air is one of the sleekest laptop you'll see, right now. It's only 2/3 of an inch thick at the thickest part, and it weighs less than three pounds. It's even thinner than the original MacBooks were, and you can add all kinds of color by using colored mice, keyboards and sleeves.

Apple has taken to doing some of the same things that netbook makers have in recent years. That is, stripping the Ethernet port and the DVD drive and putting more "under the hood", including an ultra-thin LCD screen, more powerful processors, and glass touchpads. Apple also includes flash memory instead of the power-hungry hard drives found in most other computers. Apple computers may best be described as nimble, and they're easy to use. You can add personality to your MacBook or iPad with customized skins that make them look like colored Apple laptops.

Cool MacBook Air Colored Apple Laptops 

pink apple color laptops

The MacBook Air in 11-inch size sells for about a thousand bucks, and it has 64 gigs of storage. 

The hard drives that you'll find in traditional laptops may hold more data, but there's a limit to the storage you may need, and the MacBook Air comes in a 128 gig storage model, too. The flash memory allows you to boot up the MacBook Air very quickly.

The engineers at Apple wanted to give their laptop models, the MacBooks, the same speedy response that was built into each iPad tablet, and they came very close. 

A MacBook fires up in about 20 seconds, which is lightning-fast. You can add lightning graphics to the outside, if you desire, on a custom skin that will have your MacBook looking like one of the nonexistent breed of colored Apple laptops. You can install Windows 7 on a MacBook Air, too, without losing launch time.

Buying Pink Colored Apple Laptops
pink colored apple laptops

The lower-end of netbooks usually run the Atom processor from Intel, but Apple uses a heftier Intel Core 2 Duo, which runs at 1.4 GHz. It's not state of the art, but it works. You and your friends will enjoy selecting skins for your MacBook Air models, too, adding lots of design ideas to show off your colored Apple laptops.

Apple also goes with high quality Nvidia graphics chips, rather than the inexpensive integrated graphics you'll find on budget laptops. This gives you enough in graphics to run most programs, but it bogs down a little on the games with the most intensive graphics to display.

Laptop heat has been a problem for most machines, but not with the MacBook Air. It doesn't get as hot as standard laptops do. It also features a full-sized keyboard, which makes typing more comfortable. The touch-pad mouse is handy. Apple hid their mouse buttons beneath a touchpad that will flex when you push it. The touch is similar to that on an iPhone, not surprisingly. You can buy colored wireless mice and mouse pads, too, to make your MacBook look like the very best of colored Apple laptops.

Apple has boasted that the MacBook Air has a tiny motherboard to allow for more batteries, and the seven hours it says to expect actually works out pretty close, when you take one for a test drive. If you're using WiFi, you can expect closer to five hours. If you're streaming movies from a source like NetFlix, you'll lose some time there.

Picking Up A Pink Colored Apple Notebooks

purple colored apple mac laptop

Whenever you have minimalist styling, like the Apple MacBook Air, you're going to run into things that are harder to do. Since there is no DVD drive, it's more difficult to install software, and it's also not easy to hook to a business network without an Ethernet port. 

If you have older gear for your video games, you'll need to use a special connector. And there is no place to insert your SD cards, and no HDMI port so that you can plug your MacBook Air into a high-def TV. But you'll find that for most of what you want to do, Apple will accommodate you. And you can add extras in colorful designs, to make your machines stand out like colored Apple laptops.

The 2010 version of the MacBook is the Pro 13, and it falls a bit short of what Apple did for some of its other models. The Core 2 Duo processor causes the performance to lag a bit, but if you need a long battery life, this compact model gives you that, along with a durable design and an optical drive. You may want to hold off just a bit until Apple brings up its Core i3 processor. 

hot pink apple mac laptopsThere are many positives to buying an Apple MacBook Air, including a durable and stylish case, a great trackpad and keyboard and long life batteries. You can decorate them with skins and sleeves so they'll appear to be colored Apple laptops. 

The cons would include the aging processor type, a glossy screen that can be hard to see in some lighting, and a lack of display port adapters. But Apple makes a sturdy and efficient machine, and it will serve you well, for the most part.

The Apple MacBook has kept the DVD burner, which is unusual for a newer laptop, and a boon for a compact system. Most netbooks of similar size don't have CD or DVD drives at all. The storage on the hard drive lacks a bit, with only a 250GB hard drive. You'll welcome the still-available SD card slot for your digital peripherals. 

The display on the MacBook Pro 13 has the same glossy coating as previous models, which allows for bright colors, but which are prone to glare in some light. The graphics have really stepped up, although it's not really a gamer's machine. You can decorate the MacBook Pro 13 with skins and cases available for the Air, which will add color to your computing, even when the laptop doesn't start out with any color.


We hope you've enjoyed this brief look into the world of colored Apple laptop computers.   If you want to customize a Apple laptop in your favorite color including pink, purple, red, blue, green, or yellow, check out some of our links below for additional info.

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