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Best Student Laptops For College & High School

We review the top 3 best student laptops for college and high school.

best laptops for college studentsBest Back To School Student Laptops

By Roger C.

Top 3 Best Back To School Student Laptops Reviewed

Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, & MacBook Air Laptops

apple macbook college laptops for students

Apple Laptop Deals
Apple MacBook laptops are among the best student laptops for college and high school for a number of reasons including build quality, brand recognition, bundled software, and ease of use among others.
Even though MacBook laptops cost a bit more than their PC counterparts, Apple laptops are a great value for college students because while you pay more up front, Apple laptops often hold their value longer than most PC laptops.

Apple MacBook laptops rank among the best college laptops because of their top notch build quality.  Apple engineers every Mac laptop to the same strict standards.  Quality control is a huge priority on their list, and so Apple laptops will be a reliable choice for college students who need their laptop to last through the entire college experience.
Another top reason why college students prefer Apple laptops is their compatibility with industry favorite gadgets including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Apple not only bundles in all the software you need to hook up these gadgets effortlessly, but everything works seamlessly. Compatibility and ease-of-use make Apple MacBook laptops among the best student laptops for going back to school.

Apple also bundles MacBook laptops with a slew of easy to use, useful software programs to do anything from editing your favorite photos, listening to music, to creating top notch home videos.  The list doesn't stop here either. 

And long gone are the days where Apple laptops aren't compatible with the PC world.  Apple laptops work with industry leading Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and if desired Apple laptops can even run the Windows operating system in addition to Mac OS X.

Students also won't have a problem integrating with the college campus infrastructure for Mac laptops can share documents with PCs, print to campus printers, and connect to machines on a Windows network.

Overall Apple Mac laptops are without a doubt among the best student laptops for both college and high school students alike.  Industry leading build quality and reliability, ease of use, compatibility with the PC world, an excellent bundled in software suite, and the flexibility to run Windows 7 in addition to Mac OS X make Apple laptops very flexible mobile computing machines, ideal for any student.  Highly recommended!

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Dell Inspiron & XPS Laptops

dell laptops for college students

Dell Laptop Deals

Dell laptops rank among the best student laptops for high school and college students for a number of reasons including stylish design options, customizability, versatility, quality, and price.

Price is definitely one of Dells strongest points for Dell laptops exist for just about anyone's budget. Dell offers everyday computing, performance, multimedia, ultra mobility, and gaming laptops as options.

If your college laptop budget is low, an everyday computing Dell Inspiron laptop is a fantastic option.  And even though everyday computing Dell Inspiron laptops typically cost less than $500, they offer a ton of features and fantastic performance, perfect for all but the most demanding college students needs.

If a more powerful laptop is needed and you're not on a tight budget, jumping up a notch to a Dell XPS performance laptop is a fantastic option for you, for Dell XPS laptops offer more performance and features than the Inspiron.  Dell XPS laptops range anywhere between $800 and $1,100 dollars.   

All Dell laptops offer industry leading technologies including the latest Intel and AMD processors, memory, Wi-Fi, graphics, and more.  Most Dell laptops including both the Inspiron and XPS also get good battery life across the board.

Dell Inspiron laptops also rank among the best student laptops because of their fantastic styling and colorful exteriors.  Both college students and high school students who want a custom look will love one of the exterior color options available.  Dell Inspiron laptops can be purchased in many cool colors including Mars Black, Peacock Blue, Tomato Red, and the popular Lotus Pink to name a few.

Overall we rank Dell laptops among the best student laptops for numerous reasons including good build quality, top notch styling, and exceptional pricing.  Dell laptops are very versatile college laptops that we highly recommend, especially if you are on a budget!

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HP Mini, Pavilion, & Envy Laptops

best HP laptops for college students

HP Laptop Deals

HP Pavilion laptops are also among the best student laptops thanks to a diverse competitively priced laptop selection.  This variety gives both high school and college students plenty of options to buy a quality laptop computer for school, regardless of their budget.

Among HPs laptop lineup you will find Mini, Everyday computing, Ultra-portable, High performance, and ENVY models to choose from. This diverse selection makes it very easy to narrow down a great college laptop computer.

Everyday computing and Ultra-portable laptops will be a great buy for anyone who needs a low cost laptop to last through the entire college experience.  These series offer diverse screen size selections, solid feature sets, good build quality, and each model also offers consistent performance across the board. Features and performance make the series some of the best student laptops for going back to school.

Both Everyday computing and Ultra-portable HP laptops can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Expect to pay no more than about $600 for an Everyday computing model, and $750 for an Ultra-portable.

If you need more performance over each of these series, a High performance HP laptop is the best bet.  High performance HP laptops offer top of the line Intel or AMD processors, and other higher-end features. Ranging from as low as $550 up to $1,000, HP High performance laptops are a flexible buy. 

HP Mini netbooks in comparison are a great option for anyone looking for a great secondary computer for college, for they are small, lightweight, and battery efficient.  Unfortunately not everyone is going to find it comfortable to use such a small laptop each and every day, and the HP Minis performance may not be the best for every students needs.

The Minis slower performance and smaller size is why we recommend HP Mini laptops as a secondary computer. If a desktop or full-sized laptop is sitting back at the dorm room or apartment, carrying a HP Mini around campus as a secondary computer will be a back saver.  Plus they are cheap, for an HP Mini can be purchased for less than $500.

HPs top of the line laptop series the ENVY is stacked with the latest performance hardware, making them best reserved for college students who need the ultimate in computing performance.  ENVY systems are built from the ground up to play 3D games, and run demanding multimedia applications. 

ENVY systems are more pricey at around $1,000 to $1,600, heavier, and ENVY laptops also offer lower battery runtimes when compared to the other HP laptop series, so they aren't going to be the best laptop for every college student.

Overall HP offers some of the best student laptops for college students and high school students today.  HP laptops are priced competitively, and they offer the diverse features that students will need for school. Highly recommended!

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Best Student Laptop Deals

Apple Notebooks, Sony Notebooks, HP Notebooks, Dell Notebooks, Acer Notebooks, Asus Notebooks

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Amazon.com Gateway Notebooks A+

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